EV with no battery required

EV with no battery required

Everyone needs to watch this who is into EV's... The magnetic motor is a real thing. Too bad it keeps getting suppressed like the EV1 did. There are many accounts of the inventors getting threatened or worse.

We need a company large enough like Tesla to make it a reality!

Timo | 6 September 2013

It's hoax. Hope you didn't give that guy any money.

David70 | 6 September 2013

That's a very old con job. I saw it years ago. Look at the analog meters. He just has a hidden power source and hasn't proven anything.

Timo | 6 September 2013

Smoke and mirrors. Mirrors especially. Old magician trick. You can actually see it in the video, just look at those wires dangling at the behind of the table, they are not visible from front.

Anonymous | 7 September 2013

Perpetual Motion - no can do!

cloroxbb | 7 September 2013

When was that filmed? Early 90s? If it were real, I would think it would have come out in SOME capacity...

PorfirioR | 7 September 2013

That guy should go to BMW. They will put anything in a car, add a gasoline engine (that they conveniently downplay) and market their vehicle as a Tesla killer.

So, you heard it here first folks, BMW will be coming out with a perpetual motion car (...with a range extender...) by next year and htey will put Tesla out of business.

PorfirioR | 7 September 2013