Extended warranty and service plan details

Extended warranty and service plan details

From George B's blog post today:

Model S comes standard with a Four Year, 50,000 mile New Vehicle Warranty. An additional Four Year, 50,000 mile Extended Warranty will now be available for $2,500. Please note, this is a “Four Year” Extended Warranty, not two or three years like most Extended Warranties. You will be able to purchase this option through your MyTesla page in the near future.

Several months ago we announced a Four Year, up to 50,000 Mile Prepaid Maintenance program for $1,900, or $2,400 with unlimited Tesla Ranger visits. You will now be able to purchase an additional Four Years and 50,000 miles of Prepaid Maintenance for an additional $1,900, or $2,400 with unlimited Tesla Ranger visits. With this additional program you can now cover everything on your Model S, except tires, for eight years and up to 100,000 miles for $3,800, or $4,800 with unlimited Tesla Ranger visits.

I think this is very reasonable and am glad the service costs are not higher in years 5-8. Thoughts?

teslamonkey | 23 June 2014

Can someone point me to the details of the Extended Warranty that you can purchase after the standard four years? Is this Extended Warranty the one that requires annual service?

KidDoc | 23 June 2014

Here is the verbage, also has a $200 deductible per repair which also decreases the value of the extended warranty somewhat.

You must follow correct operations
procedures and have Your Vehicle serviced as recommended by Tesla. If requested, proof of required
service, including receipts showing date and mileage of the Vehicle at the time of service, must be
presented before any repairs under this Vehicle ESA commence. Service within 1,000 miles and/or 30
days of Tesla’s recommended intervals shall be considered compliant with the terms of this Vehicle ESA.

KidDoc | 23 June 2014

Also noticed this statement, yuck!


The cost of transporting Your Vehicle is not included in this Vehicle ESA and You are solely responsible for the cost of transporting Your Vehicle to the Tesla Authorized Service Center.

teslamonkey | 23 June 2014

Just to be clear - The Annual Service appears to only be required when you buy the ESA. You do not need Annual Service during the vehicle's first four years to qualify for the ESA.

Brian H | 24 June 2014

And I think many have gotten verbal assurance from TM that these requirements are being eased in practice; I suspect their remote monitoring etc. is turning out to be sufficient.