Fender benders

Fender benders

I was parked and my S85 was swiped on the front passenger side bumper.
The other driver left their business card but before tackling it with him, or calling Tesla , I wondered if anyone here has had to deal with a similar situation and how they did with it?

Carefree | 26 October 2013

Wow! Nobody ever left a business card or note when they scratched our cars (luckily the P85 escaped that problem so far). Count yourself lucky. Just call that person and see where it goes from there. You could talk to Tesla first to see what facility they recommend and get a rough estimate. But given the weekend, I'd call the offender right away.

robert | 26 October 2013

The only cards I have seen on my cars when someone swipes them in a parking lot go something like this:

"I swiped your car in the presence of several witnesses. They now think that I am writing this card to you, giving my name and address. Well, I am not. Sorry and all that, old fruit."


Captain_Zap | 26 October 2013


Thanks for the chuckle!

When I had some minor damage to my car Tesla mentioned a couple shops that they knew locally that did aluminum work. I made the rounds and got 3 different bids from local repuatable businesses. It was worth the time. There was a difference ranging from 200% to 400% in the estimate prices. I think that there are some businesses that are trying to earn a good reputation with the new Tesla customers.

stussy5555 | 26 October 2013

My Tesla got swiped in the front just like yours just yesterday. Unfortunately they did not leave a note, stay classy!

Anyhow, I am assuming Tesla doesn't do body work, is that correct? How do you go about finding someone reputable who works on Tesla's?

GDH | 26 October 2013

lmao @ Robert. Same thing happened to my boss expect the guy didn't see the cameras in the parking lot do the cops got his plates. Bad karma

Roamer@AZ USA | 26 October 2013

Your Service Center will have a shop they work with. Just like any other car they get damaged and need body work.

Captain_Zap | 26 October 2013


I am not sure that is the case. When I inquired they made sure that they gave me more than one shop name. I think that they wanted to appear impartial since they are new in the community. They probably didn't want to appear as if they were endorsing any shops too.

I ended up going with a different shop altogether that I had used in the past with my Jag and my BMW that did great work. It turned out to be the lowest estimate, they were fast and they worked well with Tesla.

stussy5555 | 26 October 2013

I am in Orlando and the service center isn't even open here yet. Guess I will have to just look around.

jjb94941 | 26 October 2013

I imagine that any high-quality body-shop that's used to working on aluminum cars (e.e. Various Audis, newer Jaguar XJs, Acura NSX)could take care of a MS fender-bender.

Bighorn | 26 October 2013

If the damage is limited to the bumper cover, it's all plastic and replaceable en bloc.

Keith72 | 27 October 2013

I was rear ended while parked at a light, and the Tesla Service Center nearby recommended a local shop that they had qualified. The shop they recommended does work on a lot of high end cars - Corvettes, Mercedes, etc. If you don't have a Service Center nearby, I would recommend looking for shops that work on high end cars.