Finally test drove the Model S

Finally test drove the Model S

I've probably read every road test review and watched every YouTube video about the Model S, but was still completely unprepared for what punching the accelerator on the freeway on-ramp felt like in this car (the P85). No words give it justice.

And it's not just the fluid, powerful acceleration, it's the overall experience. Quiet, confident, smooth as butter, and even nimble despite the weight. I cannot stop thinking about it, it felt like I stepped into the future for an hour.

Will likely reserve mine before the end of the week.

bigez1 | 3 April 2013

+1 dpodsedly

Except I had to wait 8 months for delivery.... Never been happier - nor will you!

davisu | 3 April 2013

I got a call about my test drive this weekend indicating that the car will not be available so now they want to reschedule.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could just wander over at a moments notice but I have to travel 70miles just to go have a look see.
to make matters worse, The X has been delayed and that's the one I really would like to try/see.

Seems like everything about tesla motors is hurry up and wait.

On an up note though, I watched a first responder video which certainly shows some interesting things about the S that you won't see at the dealer.

Small wonder the guy that hit the Honda in California was able to get out of a car that had seriously crunched the Honda and went on to smack the barrier to boot. The S is well put together. Kudo's to the Tesla motor's engineers.

Our thoughts and prayers to the two men who lost their lives in the Honda.