First impressions after the first weekend

First impressions after the first weekend

So after almost a year of waiting (and a lot of posting and reading here!), I finally have my car. Aside from the "glitches" (I have the buffeting issue, the loud vibration/hum when the A/C is maxed out, and the weird noise under full acceleration, plus the voice commands don't seem to understand me despite having unaccented Midwestern English!), the car is amazing. I have the 60kwh, and even though I drove the 85P last weekend, I am not disappointed. I can't tell the difference against the 85 at all, and the car is definitely wicked fast at all reasonable speeds. Handling with the 19s is a bit of a letdown versus the 21s, but my wallet thanks me for the long term savings!

Perhaps the best thing I can say about the car comes from my wife, not me. After many months of humoring me for something she clearly viewed as my car that I would be "forcing" her to drive to save son gas (I mostly just drive to/from the airport), she drove it for the first time and her first reaction was "Oh heart is racing!" After the next stoplight followed by a freeway entrance, she apologized for doubting the awesomeness of the car and said she had never understood before yesterday why anyone enjoyed driving.

But today was the most revealing of all. Her mother was at the same shopping center as us, and while I was in Best Buy my wife was waiting in the car. When I looked at the app to make sure the air had stayed on, I saw that she had called her mom to show off the car and was flying down a deserted road at 60 mph (and how cool that I could see that!!). Se was disappointed to bring the car back. Previously her only requests regarding cars were about color and interior space. Now she wants a Model X!

I think it is a great testament to the car that she loves it. My 6 year old literally guards it from the neighbor kids, and my 10 year old goes through the full orientation with them. It has instantly become a source of family pride and is being treated like a new family member!

riceuguy | 28 April 2013

(Oh, and is it normal to look at other cars and just shake your head while thinking, they don't get it...yet?)

Getting Amped Again | 28 April 2013

The "pull the strips of paper out" method fixed the buffeting for me. Also make sure you hold the button in the entire time you are speaking the voice command.

riceuguy | 28 April 2013

Thanks...and yeah, I am doing the voice commands correctly, but only about a 50% success rate.

What's the strips of paper method?

Robert22 | 28 April 2013

What you're experiencing is unmitigated joy, the opposite of buyer's remorse. It's distinctly uncommon these days.

riceuguy | 28 April 2013

Indeed...I get the feeling the world really screwed up focusing on ICE all these years!!

ian | 28 April 2013

Are you Teslafying? ;-)

riceuguy | 28 April 2013

Teslafying indeed! In fact, was Teslafying at the Tesla "store" here on Saturday evening! :-) And to neighbors...

Getting Amped Again | 28 April 2013

There's adjustable rubber stops on the hatch that can be turned counterclockwise to prevent the hatch movement. Cut some strips of paper that are about 2" by 8". Put one on top of the mating rubber stop on the body and shut the hatch. On my car I could pull the paper out after the hatch was closed (both sides). If you can pull the paper out turn the smaller rubber stops on the hatch a quarter turn and repeat until the paper is trapped by the stops. Repeat on the other side. Make sure the hatch locks with a "click".
This resolved the buffeting problem for me. Both sides were out of adjustment.

negarholger | 28 April 2013

So glad you finally have your car - enjoy the ride.
The initial A/C noise after the car sitting in the sun for hours I cured by putting it in range mode all the time... now I am OK with the reduced noise, just keep the windows open a little longer to cool the car down.

riceuguy | 28 April 2013

Thanks for the tips on the strips and the A/C!

cgiGuy | 29 April 2013

Went to dinner with the wife after picking up the car last week. MADE her drive home (she was hesitant). As we're pulling into the driveway.. she says "I want one."

Enough said.

Time to start the Model X savings fund.

rdalcanto | 29 April 2013

By hatch, do mean trunk?

riceuguy | 29 April 2013

Yes, the trunk.

christurbeville | 29 April 2013

My wife wants a GenIII she thinks the model S a bit much.

stephen.kamichik | 29 April 2013

My wife cannot wait for the Gentil 3. She loves being driven in the model S. She is afraid to drive it and wreck it. She is buying a Smart Fortwo electric car, a great city car.

elguapo | 29 April 2013

@riceuguy Great summary and congrats! I hope my wife and kids have the same reaction!

noel.smyth | 29 April 2013

my wife wants a gen 3 as well. - S is too big for her and she just got rid of minivan 2 years ago so the X is out too. She likes smaller car (Drives a VW TDI now which will become our backup ICE if we even need one in 4 years when Gen 3 comes out). I just need to find out where I can get more solar panels installed!

blurry_eyed | 29 April 2013

Regarding the buffeting, there are also two more rubber stop adjustments about 1/2 way up on the sides of the car rear hatch frame where the hatch closes on. They look like rubber dials and they provide for support of the hatch when closed against the frame of the car. It seems that the default adjustment from the factory is to have those screwed all the way in. Loosen (turn counterclockwise I believe) them so they raise up and that will also help with the buffeting. There isn't any exact position to adjust them to, so just experiment with them until you feel like there isn't any flex in your hatch when closed. You can test this by closing the hatch and then pressing down on the outside of the car where the rubber stops are about 1/2 up the sides of the hatch. If you feel some flex in the hatch the stops are not adjusted properly.

gtimbers | 29 April 2013

Give the Goodyear 19" some time to wear in. I now have about 2800 miles on my car and the handling and noise level has improved greatly. Another thing you might consider is to do a couple of early tire rotations to break-in and normalize tire wear. I did a front-back rotation @ 1500 miles and I plan to do a side to side @ 3000 miles. Letting all tires experience both front and rear positions and rotation directions does wonders for noise levels and should also help with long term wear.

f-tal | 29 April 2013

I had lots of trouble with the voice commands too, and I figured out that it never understands "Navigate". Instead I use "Drive to", and that works most of the time. I think the biggest challenge is finding the right 'speaking loudness and direction'. Also, after I hear the beep, I wait another second before starting, and then when finished, I wait another second before releasing the button. Maybe others can offer advice.. I'd like the voice commands to work more reliably as well. It NEVER works when I'm trying to use it with others are in the car... even with many attempts. Makes me look foolish. It would be nice if the Mic level could be calibrated.