Fisker introduces the "Atlantic" (originally called 'Project Nina')...

Fisker introduces the "Atlantic" (originally called 'Project Nina')...

Looks like a smaller two-door version of the 'Karma', and is being announced as a plug-in hybrid with a four-banger ICE by BMW, to be sold starting at around $40k after state and federal rebates. Hopefully it doesn't weigh as much as the 'Karma', buy currently they are saying it will get 30 MPC as an EV, no quote on gas MPG yet (however, Fisker hasn't been too on-the-ball with their specs in the past, so who really knows?)

Further, it appears Fisker has lost the rest of its federal grant money for good, however, 'says' they have acquired over $400 Million USD in private funding to continue with production of both vehicles.

Not sure at this point if the "Atlantic" is green enough to be successful over the other hybrids coming out, however, it does look nice from the outside thus far.

space09 | 3 April 2012

@TikiMan: Fisker disguised the rear doors; it is a four door. Good looking, too. But still has the gas engine. Not sure how they'll produce it at the estimated price, but then I didn't see an official release date either. I'm guessing late 2014 at the earliest given they don't even have the plant yet.

phb | 3 April 2012

Other than the fact that it looks better, why would one buy this instead of a plug-in Prius? The Prius isn't nearly the risk (i.e. it won't fall apart and Toyota's not going under anytime soon).

I just don't get the Fisker thing. They're banking on good looks and a little extra eco-vibe to outweigh the fact that it's just an extended range hybrid with slightly better looks and slightly better performance.

discoducky | 3 April 2012

Yep, agreeing again phb; knowing what we know about Model S, I just don't get this car one bit. Everything about this car is less appealing than Model S, and those are nearly all quantitative outside of the design elements.

I expected this car to be an EV and compete with Model S, but I guess they are going after BMW i8 and Audi e-tron with the ICE hybrid. I simply don't understand that mentality given what we know about TM, superchargers (fast charging) and the coming battery tech.

Mark K | 3 April 2012

Given that a much larger company (GM), is having a tough time with the same hybrid technology and price point (Volt), why should Fisker expect any shot at profit as a tiny new player?

Fisker has consistently misplayed the strategy of this game.

The only viable vector for a new entrant is disruptively better technology. That is what Elon has wisely focused on, and why he will win.

jbunn | 3 April 2012

I just dont get it...

Teoatawki | 4 April 2012

I thought the guaranteed loans were to fund designing and building a BEV, not yet another serial hybrid. Or am I confused, again?

BYT | 4 April 2012

The whole system is a$$ backwards! Tax big oil and give it to the pure EV manufacturers, enough is enough.... Sadly, I don't think that will ever happen, or not for a while anyway.

OH, but wait to tax big oil after I get my Model S in the garage... ;)

Volker.Berlin | 14 April 2012

The only new, surprising thing I noted when the Atlantic was revealed: It's got the ugliest rims I have ever seen, and I've seen my fair share of ugly rims. But I guess that must be a matter of taste.