FOUND: TSL02 to J1772 adapter

FOUND: TSL02 to J1772 adapter

Tell us where you lost yours and when.
If you're most likely owner I'll send it to you.


Mike83 | 11 June 2015

Very nice. Tesla owners are the best.

Teslaguy | 11 June 2015

Labelled mine with phone number figuring I will be in a hurry someday and leave it.

kslappy101 | 11 June 2015

Hey, thanks, Mike.
I'm not even a Tesla owner, yet.

but thanks just the same.

got our Spark EV workin' fine for us for now.

Mike83 | 11 June 2015

Good luck driving your EV and hope your yet comes soon. You are deserving.

kslappy101 | 12 June 2015


Mike83 | 12 June 2015

If no one claims it after 30 days it is probably OK to sell it on EBay or Amazon. Put the money in an account named Tesla fund for a future purchase. This worked for me so I could afford my P85, best car I have ever owned. I did add monies from Tesla stock and sales of other stuff.
I got all the options and glad I did.

Brian H | 12 June 2015

Get TMC to start a "Lost and Found". ;)

Brian H | 12 June 2015

Could be expanded to include family members and pets. <:0

ian | 12 June 2015

Might have to add the X to that lost and found!

kslappy101 | 12 June 2015

just another bump.
hoping to find the proper folk

won't be doing this much longer, cluttering up your forums.
appreciate the tolerance.

Teslaguy | 14 June 2015

Good chance the owner does not read the forums.

Captain_Zap | 15 June 2015

I posed a link to "Lost and Found" at TMC.

Captain_Zap | 15 June 2015

The last time an adapter was reunited with an owner I posted in a regional thread at TMC.

Perhaps the owner doesn't even realize their adapter is missing yet.

kslappy101 | 18 June 2015


dxa4481 | 20 June 2015


Brian H | 22 June 2015

What is that stupid post about? Flagged.

Timo | 22 June 2015

I'm guessing dxa is either spammer or hacker trying to break into user database using obscure and broken html codes. I hope Tesla will block his IP soon.

kslappy101 | 25 June 2015

I'm ready to list on eBay.
Thanks for those of you who asked around to find the owner.

geepsterz | 19 November 2016

I did it! I lost my 1772 adapter for my MX at my local casino. As soon as I receive my replacement (just ordered) from the TMC, I intend to spray-paint it a nice fluorescent color, plus add my email address/tele to a label.
This is/was my first non-SC recharge, and so I can see how easy this (costly) part is to lose.

JayInJapan | 20 November 2016

You went all in with your J1772 adaptor?

lilbean | 20 November 2016

I just used a silver sharpie to write my contact info on it.

geepsterz | 24 November 2016


Thanks. Yes, I intend to do the Sharpie thing, but I'd like to first, prevent me from leaving the adapter attached to the connection. Painting it fluorescent should be enough to alert me that I need to detach it from the non-Tesla cable. Then if I lose it on floor, etc., then (your) the next level idea becomes important to "lost and found" to ID and notify you. My replacement adapter from TMC was $95+tax. I should "learn" my lesson from that alone, but it's just like anything else: "...don't run with scissors," and "...those adapters aren't free...," win or lose at the casino...." Happy Holidays!

lilbean | 24 November 2016

@geepsterz, good idea. My idea is dependent on an honest person to return it. Maybe I can fashion a tether that I could wrap around the charger port door.

geepsterz | 26 November 2016


That's a possibility. As you pointed out, there are some honest souls out there. But I can imagine for some Tesla owners, it's like hitting the lotto to "magically" get a free $95 spare adapter. I was at the San Rafael Service Center yesterday, and they lauded my idea of adding a "visual" to the adapter. I did think of your tether idea, too, but knowing me, I would be dragging it around -like tying soup cans behind the car, like some married people do.
On the other hand, -whatever works is still better than doing nothing. BTW, according to the TMC Parts people, this is Tesla's #1 best seller, next to the car itself.....

lilbean | 26 November 2016

Yes, there are some honest people out there. I lost my wallet and it was returned to me intact. But this morning, my ford got and hit and run by a coward loser. Thank God my Tesla wasn't parked on the street.