Future Proofing

Future Proofing

Considering how techno-centric the Model S is and how long most of us are planning to keep our new piece of history (10 years for me), is anyone else worried about the user experience in a vehicle centered around a 10 year old computer? It's one thing to deal with a digital speedometer or A/C control panel after a decade but how will I run the latest Tesla apps of 2023 on a 2012 motherboard? Hopefully someone out there has spoken to a Tesla rep that has reassured them this has been accounted for. If so, please reassure me!

joesontesla | 31 May 2012

How a 2012 car that do 30 mpg will look in 2023 vs one that do 89 empg or more? Or how a gallon of gas will cost in 2023 vs a kwh?

Brian H | 31 May 2012

I'm reading this on a 2002 2.8GHz P4.

MandL | 1 June 2012

I plan to install a flux capacitor as soon as they become available. That should future-proof it pretty well. (saw a Delorean in my neighborhood last night).

Brian H | 1 June 2012

then leave a note for yourself to come back from some point after finding out what that "ace" is and let the rest of us know!

NJS1207 | 1 June 2012

All kidding aside, I think joesontesla makes a fair point. I haven't heard anything about such a feature, and I'll bet TM would be touting it if it were part of the design. I am more curious to know if we will be able to swap in a higher density battery in the future. It seems to me this will be a much bigger issue than processor speed for those of us who still have our cars in 10 years' time.

petero | 2 June 2012

I have little doubt that in 10 years your “S” will perform as designed, the battery and performance will be down a bit. I am sure TM would prefer you to trade in your “old jalopy.” After all, TM is in the business of designing and selling the cars you dream about.

discoducky | 2 June 2012

TM is in the business of changing the world. Elon has said it many times. I have no doubt that in 10 years we will have several high density battery drop in options. The skateboard chassis should have a much longer life.

Will it still acelerate as fast in 10 years? Yeah. Since I can load the equivalent of Win8 (like a 10 year old computer today to make it boot in 20 seconds or less) on it plus a new battery and maybe a better motor, new inverter oe even a lower ratio gearbox.

jerry3 | 3 June 2012

When purchasing any "technology" product, the best way to "future proof" is to never read another magazine/web site/review once you've made the purchase. Waiting two years always brings about major improvements at a lower price. Of course, there's not many, including me, who can actually do this.

Jason S | 3 June 2012

I'm hoping the larger battery packs become available for the current generation skateboard design in roughly 10 years, but if they don't I'm still ok with 70% of the power available on an 85Kwh battery pack.

Regarding running the web apps of the future on the Tegra3 chip based center console... meh, w/e. I expect the center console to provide the functionality of a smart phone, not a desktop or laptop computer. As long as it plays tunes and the apps still work in 10 years, which is highly likely, then I'm ok.

Brian H | 4 June 2012

Yeah, I guess the best attitude to take is that you're taking possession of an instant original antique/relic, to be held onto for sentimental reasons. And possible profitable sale in the future as a collectable.