Good CBS report

Good CBS report

So now it's the "electric car giant".
That didn't take long. | 19 March 2014

I love how they shot the video in the Tesla showroom. Dealers come across again as fools.

NKYTA | 19 March 2014

"Consumer protection" - yeah, thanks dealers, you are really doing me a favor. Not.

Captain_Zap | 21 March 2014

Another eye opener. As consumer, I felt more tread upon, antagonized and patronized while trying to buy a car at a dealership than during any other transaction I made in this life. I must add that I have made some pretty significant and complex transactions in my day.

Consumer protection is something I never felt while in striking range of a dealership. It was obvious that they were not looking out for my best interests.

iTesla | 21 March 2014

I find it aggravating that Jim Appleton (NJ coalition of automotive retailers) can claim the law is there to protect the consumer’s interest implying the dealers are the protector and that Tesla is harming the consumer. I tried to search for the “Dealer law,” but only found amendments or rulings protecting the State and/or consumer from unscrupulous dealer’s actions. Mr. Appleton should have said the law is to protect the consumer from us (the dealers) and not Tesla.

The traditional automotive dealers conditioned me to believe customer service is a dream. When I first read these forums, I thought owners asking for this or that noise to be fixed were just whiners. When Tesla picked up their car, fixed it without question, and return it I said, “Wow, this is a customer oriented company!” I now own P21420.

At the end of the segment, Don Dahler reporting from the front seat was showing his Tesla grin. Priceless.

Brian H | 21 March 2014

You mean within gunshot?

jordanrichard | 21 March 2014

I just wish the reporter, when speaking to the NJ dealer rep, would have asked him how exactly Tesla's business model is threatening the safety of the cars on the road. As he so claims.

Dwdnjck@ca | 21 March 2014

One note, the article states that dealers pay around 20% of each state's sales taxes, as if customers don't. I seem to remember paying sales tax on my car.

1LuckyGuy | 21 March 2014

What an utter tool this Appleton guy is. "we're doing it all for you, it's for your safety, its for your own good, you're too stupid to know any better so you NEED us"...I haven't heard that much bullshit spew out of a human's mouth since Obama's last speech.

jordanrichard | 21 March 2014

I think they mean that 20% of the sales tax revenue the state gets is from car sales. What this idiot Appleton is not tell you is that nothing would change if GM owned the dealership itself. Your still going to need the same number of people, minus the owner. "X" number of cars will continue to be bought during any given year, so the tax revenue will be the same. The amount of Teslas and Leafs is not even a drop in the bucket compared to all the ICE cars sold. So NJ isn't losing much sales tax revenue from those sales.

JAD | 21 March 2014

@jordanrichard, not true, the sales tax revenue would go down significantly as we are only taxed on what we pay for the car, which would be 10% less without having to pay the dealer middleman commission!

Bikezion | 21 March 2014

Haha +1 jw40
Could you imagine a world without car salesman, lawyers, and politicians?

J.T. | 21 March 2014

Not quite sure what this is about but it has been said a few times that there is no sales tax collected on EV cars in NJ.

RanjitC | 21 March 2014

Cool I'm moving to NJ when I buy my next Tesla.