That gorgeous panoramic roof

That gorgeous panoramic roof

Look at that gorgeous panoramic roof.

Auto detailers, start learning how to install ClearPlex because your service will boom.

Redmiata98 | 6 December 2015

More on "ClearPlex" product please and your experience with using it, pros/cons. Thanks.

Pbfoot | 6 December 2015

Is there UV filtering on the Model S glass/windshield? (and therefore likely also Model X)

carlk | 6 December 2015

Yes all auto window glass are UV proof.

aljjr2 | 6 December 2015

The tint on the windshield increases gradually and becomes deeply tinted as it clears the driver's view. Also, (I can't locate on Tesla Motor Club) there was a "tweet" from Elon saying X will have a sun shade as does the Pano Roof on the Model S.

Milly Amp | 6 December 2015

Not fond of the glass at all and can't help but wonder if there wasn't some other reason to design this into the car. Sunroof/moonroof at least lets you have some airflow, who wants this heated panel of glass above your head while you're driving ? Who's looking up from the front seat ? Maybe it's for looking down into the car ? If you're going to offer it, it should be optional for those, like the OP I guess, who think its cool. It's almost a deal breaker. Want to see what the snap on blocker has to offer before I buy.

EVino | 6 December 2015

I'm not sure if you've ever seen the Model S with the large pano roof--there's no heating issue with the panel of glass above you. And yes, many buyers want that extra view of the world.

aljjr2 | 6 December 2015

Sitting in the front of the X, launching at 3.8 seconds brings new feeling to the Pano Windshield. It makes the interior more open and greatly increases the field of vision.

I understand it's composed of seven layers of glass. Truly impressive to see and experience. I would imagine the windshield with the Magnesium in the "B" pillar and cross member provides more support than a moon roof structure could. The rationale may be an artful solution to a structural challenge with the Falcon Winged Doors. It would seem mere sheet metal would be sufficient.

EVino | 6 December 2015

Thank you @aljjr2. The extra field of vision has to be experienced to appreciate.

eric.zucker | 6 December 2015

@kitobing: I fully respect your opinion, but this for me is one of several very attractive features of the Model X.

Much more then ideal visibility of overhead traffic lights when you are in pole position, It will let us enjoy the gorgeous scenery, the weather, the seasons, feel connected to the world around us.

Milly Amp | 6 December 2015

I've driven the Model S with the pano and it was radiating heat on a moderately warm day in SoCal. I was also at the launch event for the X and thought the ones they had there were just well optioned and the glass was not going to be standard. Maybe, as someone mentioned, it has something to do with safety or the rear doors. For me, getting in touch with my surroundings doesn't involve looking up through glass while driving but maybe people who live around mountain passes or tree lines will enjoy this feature. Glad there's a visor is all I can say at this point.

MyXinTx | 6 December 2015

@eric.zucker I wish I had the view of the world as you....

@kitobing I tend to be more in alignment with your perspective and wonder how many X reservation holders actually want that much exposure to the sky, more importantly the sun.

That is artistically beautiful and matches the highly sculptured 2nd row obscene amount of glass. Having lived in Arizona, California and Texas over the last 35 years, I am not even a fan of sunroofs as the sun during the day can be harsh and blinding even with polarized sunglasses. No matter how UV protective the glass is, there is still heat penetration. Admittedly I am not aware of what treatments may be available to minimize the heat or how effective they are.

Without the sun as an issue such as nighttime or driving under a canopy of trees, I would agree the visualization experience will be amazing.

Then there is the potential that insurance premiums may be hugely jacked up due to the amount of glass. What would be the cost to replace the front glass due to due a crack from a flying rock? Certainly not something SafeLite or other autoglass repairs companies can replace easily or cheaply.

And then there is the safety factor. Well known is how safe the passenger cabin of the S is, but with all that overhead glass, how will Consumer Reports testing lab damage their equipment again? If this compromises the safety ratings, then a huge mistake has been made.

I realize this is a negative perspective, but certainly responses to these concerns should be proactively addressed by TM.

Or should I just be quiet, throw all concerns and caution to the wind, and just praise TM for all of this product of genius vision as I order my X.

This is for some concerning issue #2 behind the folding 2nd row seat issue.

I will keep an open mind and may eventually realize how wrong I was on this element, but for now I await the forum lashes...

Red Sage ca us | 7 December 2015

WaitN4myX: Take a look at this crash video for Mercedes-Benz V-Class: Survivable? Now, compare that to the result of the internal crash test shown for Model X at its launch in late October. Do you really believe you have anything to worry about?

Remnant | 7 December 2015

If I were to have a say, I would get rid of the contraptions that mar the view (rearview mirror, front-view camera, wires) and add electronic sun shading.

sdj | 7 December 2015

It's amazing how short the hood appears in the overhead pics, the X looks pug nosed. It is all window with a tiny nose!

elguapo | 7 December 2015

@EVino Where did all of those photos come from? I haven't seen anything like them from Tesla or the press. Not doubting you at all, but curious.

carlk | 7 December 2015

Many people have problem accepting new things that are not the same as what they are used to for years. A lot of doubters for the pano roof in the beginning too but pretty much everyone loves it soon as they got a chance to use it. The conceived problem never existed. I'm pretty sure it will be the same for the pano windshield too. Oh and do you remember how many people who said I would never use a smart phone that does not have a keypad/keyboard? The general public need visionaries like Elon or Steve Jobs to lead us to get out of the old mold and think outside the box.

carlk | 7 December 2015

Should be "perceived problem".

carlk | 7 December 2015

As for safety concerns you can just take a look at those most crash worthy open pit race cars. They do have have heavy roll bar right behind driver's head though. The MX is probably designed the same way with a strengthened B pillar and beam.

gfb107 | 7 December 2015

These images are from the Tesla MODEL X [Animation] by Virtual Studio - 3D model - Sketchfab, so aren't real. Also, they've been distorted.

MyXinTx | 7 December 2015

@Red Sage ca us Great point, didn't like that MB result...where can I view the MX Crash Test? I searched and either found MS or hoaxed MX videos.

I am happy to see the truth about this issue. Thanks

Iowa92x | 7 December 2015

My guess is the angle of the windshield is less steep on the X compared to S for improved aerodynamics. The pano roof is one small step in the evolution of automotive design to optimize efficiency. ICE cars look the way they do due to form following function. Once the ICE engine goes away replaced by hidden motors, the entire shape of the vehicle is now finally able to morph away from traditional design.

Red Sage ca us | 8 December 2015

WaitN4myX: The Model X Founders Launch Event showed a top-down photo of a Model X crash test result at about the 6:28 second mark. I don't believe they shared video of any actual crash tests. These were apparently internal tests, not yet official, but yielded a 215 mm (~8.46") intrusion into the cockpit in the Rigid Pole Side Impact test. I would presume that official video will likely be available from NHTSA or IIHS within the next six months or so. I'm certain that the Mercedes-Benz V-Class performed much worse.

Auto P85 | 8 December 2015

For me, the number one feature I like about the X over my S is the new pano front window. Every time I drive my S I imagine what it will be like when the roof over my head is gone. Next time you sit in your S look at how confining the view really is. For me (I am tall), it even often blocks the stop light in front of me, let alone so much else. Even when I had a convertible and the top was down you still had the top roof strut.

I never really noticed how much the roof was blocking out before. So while I am definitely used to a limited view, and it is all I have ever experienced, the thought of losing the roof line is exciting to me. I think the world will open up and it is going to completely change my driving experience.

I don't think enough has been made of this innovation. I think it is much bigger than the gull wing doors.

For me this is going to change the driving experience 100% of the time because we always look through the front window, whereas the doors are cool, but they only come into play before and after the drive and they don't impact the driving experience, which for me is what a Tesla is all about.

Son of a Gunn | 8 December 2015

Yes, spot on exactly. I share this sentiment.

aesculus | 8 December 2015

I agree. Just wish it had electrochromatic tinting to dial in your desired opacity. Maybe version 2.

MyXinTx | 9 December 2015

I agree with all about this for 3/4 of the day, or while traveling in a forest with an amazing canopy.

BUT....What about when the blinding sun is in your eyes while having to travel west in the evening or east in the morning??? I know there is a sunvisor, but pics show just a small aspect of the windshield being shielded.

Having lived in Az, Ca, and now Tx I am concerned about this as a safety issue.

Any comments to reduce my concerns?...other than live in the nirvana of driving a Model X?

eric.zucker | 9 December 2015

If the sun penetration is still too much in your area, have a reflective film added on the top part of the glass. Same guys who do tinted windows. Problem solved.

carlk | 9 December 2015

BUT....What about when the blinding sun is in your eyes while having to travel west in the evening or east in the morning???

Why is that any different from any other cars?

If the sun penetration is still too much in your area, have a reflective film added on the top part of the glass.

There is no need even for that if the tinting is similar to that on the MS pano roof. I installed tint film on my windows but not the pano roof because there is no need for that. People who have concern on this should just go take a look at S before X is available. Tesla does offer a shade, which I believe will be offered to X too, but I don't hear many people takes that.

carlk | 9 December 2015

Talk about safety that's one of the main reasons I want to buy the X too. I'm already driving the safest sedan on the planet S. I will never forgive myself if wife got into a serious accident, especially a roll over accident, while not driving the safest SUV on the planet.

Mark Z | 9 December 2015

"Any comments to reduce my concerns?...other than live in the nirvana of driving a Model X?"

Tesla Motors has mentioned to me that a sunshield is included with Model X. This should be similar to the mesh fabric one available with Model S that fits just below the glass surface.

I plan to keep a cap handy so I can quickly place it on my head and position the cap's visor to shield me from the sun.

As I drive other cars, the amount of time where the existing visor storage area is cutting off sunlight is often. Think of all the trips you have made during sunrise or sunset where you couldn't wait for the sun to hide behind the horizon or the vision storage area of the car! I think this could be the number one issue for Model X drivers.

The "AutoEclipse" solution I have posted on other threads deserves repeating. Someone at Tesla Motors needs to patent the idea. The canopy windshield needs to have a pixel coating where each pixel can create a 100% stoppage of light. The driver (and passenger) would each have a resizable dot for each eye that would move across the surface of the canopy depending on the angle and direction of the vehicle. The "AutoEclipse" circle would shade the sun automatically without having to move visors. The result would be safer driving as the sun would always be hidden behind the resizable circles of eclipse.

Red Sage ca us | 9 December 2015

Hmmm... I got the impression that the 'sun shield' others mentioned for Model X is the type you install when parked, at the front windshield and dashboard...

Some enterprising third party might design an exterior visor for use at what would have been the leading edge of the windscreen on a traditional vehicle, I suppose...

aesculus | 9 December 2015

MarkZ: Get in line :-)

Nothing keeping them from doing the same with cars.

MyXinTx | 9 December 2015

@carlk "Why is that any different from any other cars?"

Because every other car has a solid block above the sun above the sunvisor. Have you seen the picture above? There is huge amount of glass real estate to allow the sun in your eyes above the sunvisor and only a heavy tint or other light blocker, more than what the picture demonstrates, can attenuate that, at least where the air is clear unlike most major metropolitan Californian cities.

I promise every X driver will be affected by the sun during the hours when it is above the sunvisor level if the windshield is left as it is upon delivery, without any further treatment, unless I missed the autodarkening windshield announcement.

It's too bad that almost all who have sat in an X for any event did not do so with the sun in the challenging position.

And yes the X is safe, but I hate to test it out by a front collision as a result of the sun impairing driver's vision.

I agree with Mark Z that a baseball-type cap will definitely benefit those of us who either have no hair or don't mind hat head, but for the Ladies...

However, a heavy tint could virtually eliminate the upper glass visibility in the evening, so if there was a tint that darkens with the amount of UV or sunlight like they make for sunglasses now, then that would be the BOMB...or the "AutoEclipse" concept would be awesome.

Perhaps each X should be delivered with a complimentary driver's cap and Blue-blocker Wrap-around sunglasses

Ankit Mishra | 9 December 2015

You missed your signature. Let me add it for you. *Tesla, fold them seats*.

f-tal | 10 December 2015

Aside from the already mentioned concerns about the model X pano windshield, another one is - where do you put your electronic toll transponder? Hopefully the system you use has a plate mounted transponder, because it would look aweful to stick one to the windshield, and there is no nose cone to hid one in either, like I do with my Model S. I wish they would all go to plate reading, since they take pictures of your plate anyway to ticket toll evaders.

JeffreyR | 12 December 2015

Due to a serious health condition my wife carries a broad-brimmed hat w/ her when she goes out. When we drove a P85D from LA to Santa Barbara, I had the Pano Roof open so the kids could enjoy it. My wife simply put on her hat. My daughter in the middle seat said the open roof was too much, so I closed it. My wife took her hat off.

Volkerize about tint and pano roof. Most say, and I agree, the factory tint on the pano roof is plenty effective. My wife had no concerns either. We felt no heat from the glass at all, and it was a bright, clear day in the mid-80's.

I really doubt the pano windshield will have issues above the foldout visors. I've lived in SoCal, NorCal, and the Gulf Coast in TX, and so understand your concerns. Worst case scenario in my mind is I will add a layer of extra protection across the whole thing. It's not technically legal in California, but as long as it's not too dark, the CHP won't bother you. Many posts to this effect. I know from my polarized glasses that many Model S drivers have done this (as a fan I always take a look as a MS drives by).

I'm not concerned at all about the sun. I hope my post has helped nudge you in that direction. If not, volkerize about tinting the MS. I've seen a short video posted showing the dramatic drop on a light meter as the driver raised and lowered their window to demonstrate their tint's effectiveness.

JeffreyR | 12 December 2015

To save you a little effort:

Tint windshield

sp_tesla | 12 December 2015

It would be safer/functional driving if we can have the option of lowering the too tall rear seats head rest that block the rear glass in order see what is going on behind the car when looking at the rear view mirror.

Remnant | 12 December 2015

@ Mark Z (December 9, 2015)

<< Tesla Motors has mentioned to me that a sunshield is included with Model X. >>

Continental's Intelligent Glass Control (IGC) uses special films with embedded particles that change state depending on whether or not there is an electric current.

Obviously, IGC makes electric control of glass tinting a reality. It could make sun visors mere relics and would improve the comfort and safety of automobile travel.

Check this:

carlk | 12 December 2015

@JeffreyR 100% correct about the pano roof. No one who owns an S mentioned any "sun light" probelms.

MyXinTx | 14 December 2015


Thanks for your message, it does help to hear experiences of others. However I still have concerns about driving into the sun when it is just a few hours above the level of the visors... while a baseball cap's visor will provide sunblock, those that have hair (not me) may prefer to avoid hat head. Even polarized sunglasses will just attenuate the intensity of the sun as well as reflection from the dash (a necessity with my Cayenne).

Nothing will compare to actually test-driving an X, and I will do so at the time of day to advantage of having a higher reservation number.

Any idea of how the Elon-mentioned sun shades will be applied? If this will be an option to fill in the area of concern, hopefully it will be convenient to store when not in use. Reminds me of the removable T-tops of the past, but at least it may provide another purpose for the frunk.

I do admit it will be a fabulous view forward as long as the sun is not an issue.

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*
(Thanks for covering me Ankit)

KMTG | 14 December 2015

This is the response I got from Elon Musk when I tweeted him:

MyXinTx | 15 December 2015

@KMTG Thanks for sharing, that is consistent to what has been rumored. If it truly does cover the area of concern, that is perhaps the best we can hope for. Just thinking about storage, it would have been nice if it was designed to "roll out" from a storage unit, but I should not be too picky.

No doubt that the TM designer and engineers work hard to accommodate each and every element that is thrown at them.

Interesting that Elon comments that it is not really needed... I hope he is correct, but perhaps during the time of day when it may be needed he is not driving around, but working hard to "Fold them Seats"(sorry, had to)

Anybody have a picture of applied windshield sunshade.?

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*