Have any Canadians been invited to configure - if so what # are you?

Have any Canadians been invited to configure - if so what # are you?

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terry | 15 October 2015

I'm in Toronto and hold reservation sequence #261 in Canada although my reservation number is RN579353. I put my deposit down in the Fall of 2013.

My confirmation email assures me that deliveries will begin in 2014. Ha Ha!

I'm seriously considering cancelling my reservation because the fact that the release on Sept 29th has not been followed with any indication of when we might actually expect to take delivery, is making me crazy.

I've been holding on to my old car for two years now, waiting for this Model X to arrive and I'm at the point where I'll need to replace the vehicle soon or spend money on it. If I buy a new car, I'll wait for a few years before switching to the Model X much as I'm dying to own one.

I'm losing faith that the Model X will ship in quantity any time soon. Does someone want to buy a really low number in the reservation queue?

ggraham | 15 October 2015

I'm in New Zealand and my sequence number is 127 and my reservation number is RN5690637 and I paid my deposit in August 2015. It's not looking good for me and I'm wondering if they'll let me swap over to a model S.

Tâm | 15 October 2015


That should not be a problem because the money stays within Tesla whether you buy an X or an S.