Healthy obsession or no?

Healthy obsession or no?

I am not a Tesla owner. I am a 35 y/o average salaried($50,000+ per year)male that grew up taking the advise of those that came before me. The main lesson I was taught was never buy a car new. This car has left an impact on me. This will be my first new car. Putting my reservation fee in by December 2010. I'll continue saving $2000 per month until mid 2012 or when my reservation number comes up(pending Murphy's Law doesn't kick in). By then i'll have enough saved to cover most of the car and not have a car payment over $500 per month. I am obsessed with this car. I have a picture of it on my desk at work. I look at pictures of the exterior and the interior and I read articles on my breaks. I want to be the first or at least one of VERY VERY few in Hampton Roads Virginia to have one of these. My girlfriend says I have a problem, but agrees that at least i'm not looking at dirty movies or something else that I don't need to look at. I check into the subject of the Tesla S more than I look at my Roth IRA(And I check this every day too). Is this obsession a bad thing? I really hope that i'm not let down by the end product or some insurance company tells me that the insurance will be around $5000/year or something horrible like that. I want something different and special. Something that no one else in the neighborhood has. I want to stand out. Thank you all for tolerating this post. Cheers to all who believe in this product and this company. God bless you all, America and Tesla Motor Corporation.

Todd Burch | 9 October 2010


I'm a 30 year old that lives in Hampton Roads too (Smithfield) and put my reservation in earlier this year (Model S #1577). So there will be at least 2 Model S's driving around the area. :)

Although I wouldn't consider myself obsessed, my wife probably does. I visit this website (along with virtually every day, and preach about it to all of my friends. My wallpaper picture is the S.

Are you obsessed? Maybe. But if it makes your girlfriend feel better, you're not the only one :).

Timo | 9 October 2010

You are not alone. I'm obsessed by it as well. The Model S that is. I don't really care about Roadster, it is too "toy" for me.

I hope I could save $2000 per month. Unfortunately I have to pay my house loan of approx $1000 each month still for next 10 years or so. (Too) expensive area for living. One of my friends is living in middle of nowhere and has a house that is at least four times as big as mine with three-car garage and a big (really big) courtyard and he paid only about 2/5 of the apartment I have.

I think I have enough money to buy Model S in around 2014-2015. I could have it right now (if it existed) if I sell this and move to less expensive house, but this one is in perfect place for easy living, and I'm still waiting for those chargers and/or bigger range as well as getting rid of our country stupid taxes (EV costs here quite a bit more than equal petrol car, and not the other way around like).

Roger_Smith | 9 October 2010

Todd, Im in Hampton. So I guess i'll be seeing you around.
Timo... my mortgae is $1307 per month but because my job recently had a buyout(company paid employees to resign). Because there is a surplus of overtime and I am able to take full advantage of it.

Mehdi | 9 October 2010

As you see you are definitly NOT ALONE.. Welcome to the club.. This site is like the AA of Model S obsessed, confess your sin and you are free :-) I see TimO blogging here everyday and he doesn't even intent to buy for the next four years :-o..

Its been a long time since I was excited about anything like the Model S. I've owned sports cars, luxury SUV and off road rigs, but here it is the dream car.. so go ahead and be obsessed.

As long as you don't let your obsession get in the way of your life and your relations with the loved ones then I think its going to be a healthy obsession.

I had to take the picture of the model S down at work. I found I was spending too much time daydreaming about the day I was cruising in my Model S, not to mention whats been phrased as "Tesla Time." Everyone who stopped by was impressed with the Model S so I was spending alot of time talking about it and what Tesla is doing.
And don't worry I'm in Seattle so that's one less Model S in Virgina.
Happy Obsession.

Todd Burch | 9 October 2010


I'll wave when I pass by another Model S on Mercury :).

Dan5 | 10 October 2010

I'm also obsessed with the Model S. It's refreshing to have an up and coming car company who is simplifying the design and number of engine components in the car. I look forward to this paradigm shift.
This is going to make the Japanese verse US car makers in the 80's look like a baby step. There was an JD powers article a few months ago that showed the reliability of car makers from the first few months of ownership, The best car manufacturer had 95 things go wrong per 100 cars. The Tesla Model S should be able to kill that competition ( less moving parts= more reliable car)

Roger, I'm about the same age as you, but took a different approach and always bought new cars every since I was out of college- You would amazed at the stupid and idiotic stuff that went on in my cars. I had a major engine component on a Mercury fail at 6,000 miles.

Timo | 10 October 2010

Had to look what is this "Mercury". I have never seen Mercury car. Looks like typical US cars to me. Is there some "inside joke" I should be aware of?

Roger_Smith | 10 October 2010

Mehdi.... In all fairness, Timo has other financial obligations like the rest of us. But I feel that unlike us, he doesnt want to beta test this car. I understand that feeling. I work in the IT industry so there are many great things that are out now that are new that I dont want to beta test(ex. 3D TV's). I am willing to take the plunge.

Timo... Mercury is another branch of Ford Motor Corp. Think of them as the upscale version of Ford. Back in the 80's and 90's Mercury had an "upscale" version of just about every Ford. At the risk of offending anyone, My opinion of ford/Mercury cars in the 90's are that they are/were junk/unreliable cars. But that is just my opinion due to the bad luck that I have had with them.

Dan... I currently have a 1998 Ford Expedition which is my dailey driver. I have never trusted ford cars since my first car(1990 Ford Tempo)... I am a firm believer in Ford trucks though. They are built "Ford Tough"...

jburts | 11 October 2010

Looking at the map of Hampton Roads, VA-- it looks like Mercury is one of the main roads in that city. I think that is what Todd was referring to.

Timo | 11 October 2010

Ah, that makes so much more sense now. He is driving a Model S and passes another Model S while driving Mercury and waves. I'll probably would do the same.

Todd Burch | 11 October 2010


You got it--didn't mean to cause all the confusion.

I'm referring to Mercury Blvd, a major road passing through Hampton. (Incidentally, it's named after the Mercury space program--much of the work for it was performed at NASA Langley here in Hampton Roads).

Bruno Suárez | 15 October 2010

I would say that this is a healthy obsession (for my person) given with the profoundly invigorating level of technology that this superb car has within its core... and all that is left for it to do in time is further advance and improve. Slowly, but (most definitely) surely.

Brian H | 15 October 2010

Not so slowly. The R and S are likely to "improve" far faster than ICE vehicles, since there's so much less fiddly stuff to deal with.

Can Eng | 20 October 2010

Are there any other Model S obsessed fans from Canada. I to will be in a position to buy the Model S when it comes out, if it is available for sale in Canada, and if it can tolerate our winters, and would also like to be the first in my community to drive one. In addition, I too am a little hesitant to purchase the first year model, but based on the number of reservations, the initial reservation list may take the production into the second year depending on the start up of the factory.

Can Eng

Jaffray | 20 October 2010

I would think there are at least 90-100 Canadians with Model S reservations Can Eng...I reserved in Feb / 10 and was # of Sept / 10, 6 Roadster owners had reserved a Model S.

Have you reserved yours yet?

Tim10 | 20 October 2010

Can Eng, definately! I'm also interested in how the S will handle the local winters. There are a number of roadsters local now and I'll be touching base with their owners to find out ho they handle -25C. I suspect it is probably not a problem especially if plugged in.