Helpfulness of this forum.

Helpfulness of this forum.

This forum is extremely helpful, not to mention a way to relax and pass time! I thought I would mention areas of helpfulness this forum covers. If there is a thread on this already my apologies and I await Volker pointing it out:). Areas of helpfulness. add your thoughts too.

This forum helps with:

- financing
- questions surrounding the model s
- how far Tesla is in deliveries/orders
- how to operate the Tesla - thanks cinergi
- color options and interior choices
- insurance
- questions to ask upon arrival of model s
- current issues (if any) with delivered vehicles
- reasoning for paying so much for the car
- range anxiety
- cost vs ice
- getting Tesla to make changes we all agree on
- waiting, waiting, waiting for our cars
- how to look at Tesla stock (I want to own as much as I can)
- how to respond to others as they see our Tesla - good or bad comments
- being an early adopter
- how to hook up the car
- differnet articles about Tesla
- where chargers are
- getting Elon's personal thoughts on issues

and mostly,

- feeling like we have friends out there, feeling we have a bond with others because of Tesla

I am sure there are many, many, more but I will leave those for the rest of you! Thanks.