How about Vancouver, Canada?

How about Vancouver, Canada?

I was wondering what does the plan look like for Canada and especially Vancouver, BC.
There is a large number of affluent people here, many of them wealthy Chinese or Hong Kong immigrants where money is no object.

I have been told a few months ago that there were only eight Teslas in the West Vancouver area, but I see more and more as time goes by.
There is also the Whistler area full of rich people. I am sure many would buy a Tesla as a toy or a status symbol if the infrastructure would improve.

ghillair | 12 July 2013

Check the Super Charger Map. It shows one (just north of Vanc?) in the fall of 2013 then several to the east (towards Calgary) in 2014.

Also Sun Country Highway has many J1772 90 amp in the area. They aren't superchargers but they are better than most anything in the U S.

Brian H | 12 July 2013

They partnered with hospitality firms across the country, to enhance appeal.

EvaP | 12 July 2013

Thank you!

Brian H | 12 July 2013

Last Dec. when the initial tranche of deliveries came to Can., there were about 70 of the first few hundred ended up in the Greater Vancouver region. There have been quite a few since then. I would expect about a third of the total to go to West Van.