How many 40/60kwh without air suspension? Jump the line with air?

How many 40/60kwh without air suspension? Jump the line with air?

I'm expecting my finalize email soon (12,848) and will be soon the 85kwh.

I've been told by the reps at the Tesla store that if I choose air suspension I could jump the line since many 40/60 kwh reservations are without air as an option.

Can anybody provide some empirical data to back this up. I may elect to go for 85kwh with air if it means I will get my car sooner than later given non air cars don't start production until March. Comes down to how many people before me are not getting air.


tork | 28 December 2012

How much empirical data do you really expect to get here? You're going to get like 5 or 6 people saying that they got a car without air. Then you're going to extrapolate that that information to the 12,847 reservations holders before you? Stop being ridiculous. Get the air if you want it. You most likely will get your car sooner if you do get the air, but I certainly can't and won't guarantee it. And you sure as hell aren't going to get that kind of information by asking it here. If you don't want the air, then save yourself 1500 bucks and relax. It'll come when it comes. Unless you plan on dying sometime within the next year, just chill out. Every time you post, it's always about how you can get your car sooner. Just. Relax.

TeslaModelSOwner | 28 December 2012

TC, if you can venture an answer best to remain calm and not say anything.

You sound like you need to relax not me.

riceuguy | 28 December 2012

Wow...I'm almost afraid to jump in and say I am 10,917 and don't have air configured. E60, I'm afraid that despite spending a LOT of time on these boards, I've only ever talked to one other reservation holder without air configured. That said, standard suspension doesn't even start production till at least March, so at a minimum the standard suspension insures that you WON'T get your car sooner than later! That said, I for one decided that $1500 wasn't worth it for me.

TeslaModelSOwner | 28 December 2012

Riceuguy, I agree, I'll pay the $1500 to get my car earlier if that's what it takes.

riceuguy | 28 December 2012

Well, considering I'm doing standard to stall...

Now, that being said, since probably 90%+ of reservations are air, you might consider that air isn't really moving you ahead of many non-air!

Brian H | 29 December 2012

I wonder how many will also "let the air out" to postpone delivery and minimize lease overlap these last 3 days!

clr4option | 29 December 2012

I am P9842 finalized on 12/11 with 85kwh and air. I was contacted this morning saying my car was ready and if I wanted to take delivery before years end. VIN 3031 if that helps your decision.

Sudre_ | 29 December 2012

By the time your reservation number rolls around I would think the standard would be worked into the mix like any other car. With the total random fashion Tesla is delivering it will probably save you a whole couple weeks if anything at all. I am a 60 with air by the way. I got it because I need the extra height to keep the battery from scrapping the ground in a few places I park.

Enoch_Root | 29 December 2012


I expect the best info you can get is going to be on your finalization page. Go through the steps (except the final submission of course) with air and without and see what the estimated delivery times are. I expect you will be feb/march list with air and April list without air, but you will see for yourself. Then decide if the feature is worth paying for in its own right or with the added one or two month boost in line.