How many more fill ups before your Model S arrives?

How many more fill ups before your Model S arrives?

I estimate that I will visit a gas station only about 9 more times before taking delivery of my Model S. How about you?

nickjhowe | 15 November 2012

I'm hoping it will only be twice, but my wife just informed me we might have to travel for Thanksgiving so it could be four.

ChasF | 15 November 2012

I estimate another 9 tank fulls.

GLO | 15 November 2012

As of yesterday, TM said our car now is going to be delivered in Jan/Feb rather than Nov/Dec when we configfured. So assuming one tank per week it will be at least 8-9 more...sigh!

jbunn | 15 November 2012

With my old commute, about 15. At least 5 more with the new commute. And an oil change.

Then when the time comes, I'll fill the ice to the top, change the oil, top the fluids and tires, park it in the barn on a trickle charger, and drive it once a month or so to keep it limber.

David M. | 15 November 2012

My 9 fillups included a weekend road trip. However, it occurred to me that those 9 fillups will amount to about $540 of premium gasoline. Equivalent Model S fillups would have only cost about $90 on my electric bill.

Needless to say I am very anxious to "let the fuel savings begin".

kjwcanary | 15 November 2012

I'm hoping under 10.; if it can be under 5, I'll be delighted (P2159)...

Theresa | 15 November 2012

jbunn, I would be cautious about filling it to the top as gas deteriorates over time. And it does it fast so add some stabilizer to the gas if you plan to leave it full. It is probably better to leave it nearly empty although that gives the gas tank a chance to rust. But if you plan to drive it at least once a month that issue can be dealt with by sloshing the gas around in the tank by accelerating and braking hard to coat the metal. So bad situation either way.

DouglasR | 15 November 2012


I can hear it now: "Officer, I wasn't driving erratically. I was just tromping on the accelerator and then stomping on the brake so that I could slosh the gasoline around. You see, my other car doesn't use gasoline, and . . . What's that? You want me to blow into this tube?"

Brian H | 15 November 2012

Of course. He can see directly from your driving behaviour that you're sloshed, and you just admitted it! Tanked, even. Or both -- tank-sloshed. Or is that slosh-tanked? Or ...


4luismoreno | 15 November 2012

Just spent $2000 on the 40,000 mile tuneup for my 911 Carrera. It'll be nice to be able to avoid these costs in the future.

Captain_Zap | 16 November 2012

I think that just trying to say slosh tank would be enough to get an officer to pull out the breathalyzer.

Captain_Zap | 16 November 2012

+1 4luismoreno

Scorch | 16 November 2012

3 more I hope, if I can get my car in mid Dec.

TonyF | 16 November 2012

I started keeping track after the very first delivery on June 22. I have filled up 11 times so far but I shouln't have many more left. My reservation number is P1091 (General Production), so based upon current deliveries (200-300 per week??), I am thinking I may receive delivery around Christmas. That would mean 2 or 3 more fill ups for me.

I need to savor the sensation of a grimy fuel pump handle and the sweet aroma of gasoline in the air, because I'm gonna miss it when it's gone.

Brian H | 16 November 2012

Restrain yourself; gasoline fumes are almost as neurotoxic as airplane glue!