How many options do people add?

How many options do people add?

Hey, made a quick survey. For a detailed analysis I need to know how much of options people add on average.

I will post results! And financial analysis. I already know the ratio of battery options;
small to large: 8% 16% 38% 38%
Thanks for the results I have had over 550 surveyors!

nickjhowe | 19 February 2013

I don't understand the question "How much do you spend on options?"

Do you mean, how much DID I spend on options for my Model S (like Tech Package, etc.) or how much WOULD I spend on options if Tesla were to offer enhancements that could be added to my existing car (like Sport Tuned Suspension, opportunity console), etc.

cprenzl | 19 February 2013

How much DID I guess
I will edit

runswithscissor... | 19 February 2013

Actually, from a marketing standpoint, it might be good to know what people spent after market. I plan on replacing the license plate bulbs with LED, purchasing floor mats, and selecting a center console. Tesla might want to note what most people buy after market. It might be a market share they want to tap. Conversely, those who are producing after market might want to gauge where the market is. I sure would like customized floor mats.

Brian H | 19 February 2013

The question: "How many people have sold a Tesla too?" should be "How many people have you sold a Tesla to?" As written, it means something like: "How many other people have sold Teslas?" which is nonsensical.

nickjhowe | 19 February 2013

Now we have two questions in one: "How much did/will you spend on options?"

I still don't know how to answer this question. Sorry cprenzl.

Since the list of current options is fixed, and the prices are known, why not just list the available options and let people identify which ones they chose?

Note some 'options' are pre-installed on the Performance model, so you should probably also add a question asking if the car is perf or not.

kjo | 19 February 2013

@cprenzl- I note that you are a high school student. Is this for a school project? If so, good luck.

It is important to get survey questions to be very clear in order to get accurate answers! Just a peice of advice. I like the idea that nickjhowe had of just listing all the options since the pricing is transparent.

I answered with the amount I spent in options, excluding the battery upgrade. That question was easy to understand.

Since many of us don't own the car yet (we are expecting delivery), it was a little premature for me to say if I'd get the next generation.

On the final question- since there aren't that many Teslas on the road I suppose most people won't be able to answer the question with a "yes". You can check autotrader,, and this forum- I think I have found a grand total of 5 model s cars for sale in the USA. I found 15+ roadsters in the US, although there may be more.

craig.tesla | 19 February 2013

You're also missing an option in the range of option prices. 6,000-8,000 is missing.