How often is required servicing and what does that entail?

How often is required servicing and what does that entail?

I live in Middlebury, Vt. and don't like driving in cities at all. I was wondering how often servicing would be required and if the car could be serviced locally if anything went wrong. It's a three and 1/2 hour drive to Boston, which is the closest dealership.

Timo | 23 April 2011

That's for Roadster. There is no info about Model S service cost or needed frequency yet. I would believe it is similar service, but with lower annual cost (I believe Model S requires less service than Roadster).

jfeister | 23 April 2011

Best thing to do would probably be call a Tesla store and ask. From my understanding they recommend a once per year service, mostly for firmware upgrades, although with cellular connectivity it would be nice if they could push the upgrades remotely.

There is a coolant system, so one would expect the fluid would need to be swapped at some regular interval. Besides that the only maintenance I'm aware of are things associated with tires, suspension, and breaks, although brake servicing is much less frequent due to regenerative breaking (I've heard breaks last 3 times as long for example). All these things of course can be done at any car repair facility, so it's not clear to me why you would ever need to go back to the dealership unless something breaks.

But that's just my viewpoint, could be wrong.

Timo | 23 April 2011

Breaks > brakes in three places. I know, I tend to make same spelling mistake.

We really need that edit-function.

neroden | 25 April 2011

The crucial thing I realized is that most states require an annual saftey inspection. (Yes, it's exempt from emissions inspection, but there's still a safety inspection.) For example, New York: ... for this inspection the maximum legal charge is $10. So something has to be done annually, at a minimum. I suspect barring accidents nothing will have to be done more frequently.

The cooling/heating fluid in the HVAC system shouldn't need replacement more than every ten years or so. At a minimum. Consider your air conditioner or your refrigerator -- how often do you replace the circulating coolant? Right. It's a closed-loop system with no source for contamination.

Tires, brakes, suspension, lights, and wipers are going to be the main *actual* maintenance tasks, and the latter two you can probably do yourself. I'm not counting actual damage due to accidents here, which is likely to be the primary "maintenance" cost and could affect anything; for actual damage, you call the Rangers.

I'm assuming the Rangers will be available for the annual inspection/service, as I'm 400 miles from the nearest shop, and I don't think I'd trust an average mechanic with my Tesla, especially if he's being paid less than $10 for the entire inspection. :-P