I am surprised by the fact that the media is paying hardly any attention to the Model S and Model X in Geneva. Why is that so?

I am surprised by the fact that the media is paying hardly any attention to the Model S and Model X in Geneva. Why is that so?

The days for the media in Geneva have gone by now.

I could be wrong. But that is how I see it up to now: almost no media attention for the Model S and the Model X.

In Detroit the Model S and the Model X dit get more attention from the media.

danielccc | 8 March 2013

Because it's not news. Both models have been presented.

In Detroit the X got attention because it was the first show it was shown in, and the S went along for the ride.

This is why companies make so many concept cars. It gets them attention at these shows with something new. Tesla is a bit small to spend a lot of resources playing that game.

Benz | 8 March 2013

For example here in The Netherlands we have the magazine Autoweek. And they have a website as well. Two reporters were in Geneva to shoot some video's. They have recorded 10 video's, and these can be seen on their website. I think almost all car brands did appear (or were at least mentioned) in then 10 video's, but Tesla Motors was not even mentioned. I was hoping they would at least shoot some pictures of the beautiful white Tesla Model X.

Does anybody know if any other media has shown something about the Tesla Model S/X on any website? I would like to see it.

ArieK | 8 March 2013

You are right about the lack of attention, but at least Autoweek posted about the european headquarters in Amsterdam on March 7th. So it's not like they don't care about Tesla at all.

negarholger | 8 March 2013

SUVs are less popular in Europe... the X aims at the American sweet spot.

Brian H | 8 March 2013

Anyone else having trouble with Google Translate? I can't get this, or other sites, to translate. "We do not support the type of link you drop. Please try link of other types." Has the service been hacked?

Benz | 9 March 2013

@ ArieK

Yes, they have posted about the HQ in Amsterdam. But the content of this article is too little and they just mention the bare facts. And in the last sentence they also mention that Tesla Motors made a nett loss of 90 million USD. In my opinion, the combination of these two adds to a rather negative picture about Tesla Motors. People who will read this article and do not know much about Tesla Motors, can and will get a negative picture about Tesla Motors. And if you read the comments below the article, you will find out that some reactions are negative. For example, the reaction of Koos P. is rather negative. This person is even making a joke about Tesla Motors. But that is just because this person Koos does not know much about Tesla Motors. Further below you can see that Elon Musk has posted 6 times to clarify about the more recent situation of Tesla Motors, which is much more positive, so that the readers will get a positive picture of Tesla Motors. And that's how it should have been written in the first place, I think.

rlarno | 26 March 2013

Maybe I'm paranoid, but given that the Geneva show is European, I could imagine a lot of pressure coming from the European brands to not cover Tesla Motors.

TM is promoting itself heavily as an 'American Car Maker', and that sort of 'protectionism' still does not sit well with most Europeans. We need to protect our employees of VW, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, etc. and even the employees of US brands like Ford that have factories in Europe.

I'm sure if Elon would announce that he'd start a factory in Europe, the press would be all over it, all of the press, not only the specialized auto press.

Tesla Motors is still an unknown brand, most people only know it because of its appearance in Top Gear, and have stopped there. It is a real shame. If I talk to other car-enthusiasts, 8 out of 10 haven't even heard about the Model S yet!

(Currently in a leased modest BMW 520d - due to high taxes)

Jackie425 | 29 March 2013

We need the cars on the road - it made a big difference to people's attitudes in the USA and I am sure it will have an effect here in Europe too.

RanjitC | 29 March 2013

@jackie.hale you are absolutely right. Every day I make a new believer when someone walks up to me and says that's a beautiful car who makes it? What, no gas? And it beat an M5/Viper SRT-10 over quarter mile(you choose M5 for the yuppie and Viper for the Nascar fan).

Benz | 8 April 2013

Correct, cars on the road will indeed make difference.

teddyg | 8 April 2013

I am also surprised by the lack of coverage on Tesla.
Many car websites don't even have Tesla as an option when searching for vehicles.
Of course Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati, etc are all well represented despite the fact that Tesla is now producing cars at a rate faster than all of these companies COMBINED.
I think some car enthusiast websites are actively delaying the day that they will be forced to add Tesla...many petrol heads still don't see EV's as "real" cars...they are totally clueless as to EV performance and how in reality they are better than any ICE ever could be.
The times they are a-changing though.

Brian H | 8 April 2013

A full year of production and profit will justify the MT CoTY award, and the coverage will begin.

Benz | 9 April 2013

The demand for the Tesla Model S will be even higher in 2014. Tesla Motors will get a lot more attention in 2014, compared to 2013.