I found the rattle--it was my own USB memory stick!! I'm totally in love again.

I found the rattle--it was my own USB memory stick!! I'm totally in love again.

I'm a car rattle obsessive. My last car, a Mercedes CL500, had a consistent rattle in the two wood trim pieces around the seat controls. No matter what was tried, the rattle kept coming back. So when I started hearing a similar rattle going over bumps in my 1-month old Model S, I went crazy pushing on different parts of the dash trying to find the source. I was just about the call the Service Center when I continued my search in the arm rest area and found the USB Memory Sticks. I pulled them out and the rattle was gone! I'm sorry I ever doubted--I hope I am forgiven.

PS: I found different type of stick that eliminates the rattle.

jbunn | 23 July 2013

Don't feel bad. My cousin had a thumping noise. We jacked up the back end of his car, checked all the parts, lathed, lubricated and cleaned his rear brakes. Sound still evident after test drive. Looked in his trunk, found a basketball.

"How often is this thing in the car?"
"Unnnnnhhh... All the time?"

I don't need to go any further, but... yeah, it was.

danej | 23 July 2013

I had an odd rattle and sometimes a thump when turning in my Porsche for a while, and stopped by the service center. Took the mechanic for a drive so that he could hear it, and he almost immediately reached below the passenger seat and pulled out a mag-light. D'oh!


blisSfullee | 23 July 2013

Great story about the basketball. I feel much better.

blisSfullee | 23 July 2013

thanks Dane. Makes me think that I haven't seen my mag-light for a while. i'll look for it now before it sends me on another rattle chase.

Tâm | 23 July 2013

Is your USB drive that giant to rattle?

Please report which is your replacement. In the mean time there small ones such as below:

Kingston Digital 64GB Micro USB 2.0 DataTraveler (DTMCK/64GB) $39.99

SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 32GB USB Flash Drive (SDCZ33-032G-B35) for $21.78

olanmills | 25 July 2013

@jbunn sounds like someone deserves a ride in the trunk with the basketball to your next family gathering.


Brian H | 25 July 2013

Probably he'd been used to stashing it behind the rear seats in an ICE, and the noise wasn't dominant/prominent. But in the MS, it was suddenly a solo act, and took center stage!

blisSfullee | 25 July 2013

Tam--thanks for the lead to the smaller flash drives. I'd been using the type that extend with a slider. It was the plastic sliding mechanism that rattled. I know, small rattle--really more of a clicking. But your suggested type solves the problem completely.