If you own Tesla stock what are you going to do with the proceeds when (if) you sell?

If you own Tesla stock what are you going to do with the proceeds when (if) you sell?

I think we need a couple of fun threads on this forum. Ok, it is not like hitting the lottery but many people have a lot of paper profits (mine are modest)with the near meteoric rise of the value of our stock holdings.

So, what are you hoping to do with the proceeds of the sale of your Tesla stock when (if) you sell?

Sell to buy an X, S, or Gen III? (or all three)

Fund your retirement?

Fund you kids or grandkids education?

Blow it in Vegas?

Personally, mine is mostly in my IRA so it looks like when I cash it in I will probably be ready to buy a

Gen V or S3.0

markapeterman | 6 July 2013

I was going to sell it to pay off my model S, but now I think I'll hold it a bit longer and pay off my house.

stephen.kamichik | 6 July 2013

My wife and I both bought stocks. Maybe we will purchase a gen3 to replace my aging 1999 BMW. We are enjoying my model S.

jonesxander | 6 July 2013

Buy a house!! I started with a little itty bitty account, and was laid off. So I rolled over my IRA and put my money on TSLA. This was back in like July last year. I was always a believer in TSLA but who knew this would happen so fast? I thought maybe in like 3 years I can get to thinking about home ownership. This would be my first house, btw.

I have enough now where I can take out a small portion to help with down payment, and keep a slightly more modest position in TSLA and just wait 20 years. Did someone say $3,000 a share by then? :D :D :D.

Actually, that's a good question. What are the tax implications of taking money out of a rolled over 401k that's now in an IRA to buy a home, or put down a nice down payment? I'm in California. Maybe this would be a good sub thread, "Taxes and my TSLA winnings"

@admj, I do actually think about it as winning the lottery, in some regard. Like one of the small local lotteries you know? It's not the mega millions, but it's def not peanuts. Let's say enough to give you a TSLA grin, even if you don't own one of their vehicles haha.

J.T. | 6 July 2013

I'm going to Disney World!!

Tesla-David | 6 July 2013

I have already earned enough to pay for my future Gen III, but may hang on to my stock as I think this company is going somewhere special, and I am happy to take the ride, which has been quite exhilerating, almost as much fun as driving my MS.

Thumper | 6 July 2013

Heart, lung, kidney dementia care or leave it for the kids.

AlMc | 6 July 2013

I like the idea of $3,000/share. As many of you, I would be able to partially help my retirement plans and have enough left over for a Gen III.

Disney Sounds good....Usually would stay in one of the family resorts there...but Tesla would be able to put me up in The Grand Floridian :)!

Keep the ideas/dreams coming. Good to speculate !

Captain_Zap | 7 July 2013

+1 Thumper

Carefree | 7 July 2013

Buy the roadster when it will be available in 3-5 years!

skymaster | 7 July 2013

I have made the mistake of selling 3 times!!!

I want to keep what I got and buy a bunch more. I need to chill out about taking gains.