Ill-fitting trunk well cover

Ill-fitting trunk well cover

The cover for the trunk well is slightly too large, thus doesn't fit flush with the trunk floor. Anybody else have this problem?

Cattledog | 17 March 2013

Yes. Was told that's how it fits.

bp | 17 March 2013

My trunk well cover is still "due bill" - so I made a temporary out of thin plywood and covered it with inexpensive black carpet.

Now that I have the rear trunk mat and the parcel shelf (came in yesterday) - probably won't be accessing the trunk well much - because I had been using it (and the frunk) to hide objects from view while parked.

With the parcel shelf, I'll probably only use the trunk well for storage most of the time - and won't be accessing it as frequently - so the fit may not be that big of a deal - since it's under the parcel shelf and trunk mat.

rroonnbb | 17 March 2013

I came to the conclusion that it's designed to be put into place with a slight 'v' upwards bend and then 'popped' the rest of the way down. If you do it that way it seems to be secure...

alcassfast | 17 March 2013

I was just thinking that mafioso could drive the Tesla Model S, with all the trunk space.

riceuguy | 17 March 2013

@alcassfast--Only if the parcel shelve start getting delivered faster! :-)

shop | 17 March 2013

There is a technique to getting the cover down properly. But even then it isn't completely flat.

Robert22 | 17 March 2013

The correct position is handle and panel fold closest to the rear of the car. As mentioned, it does not lay flat in the recess and projects slightly above plane on the front edge of the panel.

MandL | 18 March 2013

I wish it would stow somewhere else neatly. I find that well the best place for carry groceries and any manner of other things, but it doesn't fit between the wheel wells. May just end up putting it in storage when the parcel shelf arrives.

Mireille '&... | 18 March 2013

It fits perfectly in the frunk. (That may be the reason for the fold in the cover.)

blurry_eyed | 18 March 2013

You can also fit the rear trunk well cover by putting it directly behind the rear seats, so it's basically standing vertical and flush against the seats. It's a bit tight, but it does fit there.

If you have the rear child seats, you can also get it to work by putting the small folding part of the cover on the floor of the trunk and putting the rest of the cover flush against the rear seats so it basically makes an 'L' with the short part of the 'L' being on the trunk floor and the longer part of the 'L' being against the rear bench seats. You do have to apply a good deal of force to make that particular configuration work, but it will work if you push it in there. This position allows you to latch the rear child seats to the rails on the bench seats.

I'm not sure how good it is for the longevity of the cover, but it does allow you to store it right in the back trunk for easier access compared to keeping it in the frunk or leaving it in your garage.