Internet Browser/Operating System?

Internet Browser/Operating System?

I was trying to access yahoo's calendar but was not able too. I use it for planning my schedule. The "yahoo" said to install an internet browser like safari or firefox or internet explorer in order to access yahoo's calendar, but I was not able to this because the OS of the Tesla could not be recognized.

Wondering if anyone has any insight into this?

timdorr | 3 November 2012

It's based on the browser's User Agent, which is passed along with any request to a website. It basically says the browser you're using and what version. Yahoo! appears to be looking for specific versions of specific browsers, which isn't a good practice (in reality, you should be doing feature checking).

Tesla's OS is apparently custom, running on Linux underneath. The browser is WebKit-based, like Chrome or Safari. So, it should work with just about every site out there, even if there is a warning.

Eman | 3 November 2012

"(in reality, you should be doing feature checking)."

Thanks for the post...can you further explain your comment above? I'm not sure why on every computer, laptop, iPad, cell phone, etc...I can access the Yahoo Calendars page and not on the Tesla.

It's not even just the Yahoo Calendars as I have had the same issue with being able to access other websites. For instance, the website that hosts my email and website.

Brian H | 4 November 2012

Websites query the browsers accessing them to ensure they can be read properly. E.g., some versions of IE require special M-S coding, etc., so are shown that HTML.

TM service should be able to help; browsers can emulate/spoof other browsers by (mis-)informing the site about what you're running. Perhaps there is a way to access that message, and tell the sites you're running FireFox or Safari, etc.

shop | 12 March 2013

I've run into the same problem trying to access iCloud from the Tesla browser. iCloud give me a foreign language error message that basically says I need to run Safari, Firefox or IE.

I understand the issue. iCloud's program manager decided to make the easier decision to support three big browsers rather than do the proper thing which is to look for specific browser features.

Anyways, has anyone found a workaround? I'm thinking I could create a kind of proxy on a web server to spoof the user agent string.