Invés webcast?!..

Invés webcast?!..

Can any one see the live webcast?

I go to the :

And no video :(

Gues i have to w8 for the compilation

Filipe Portugal | 22 June 2012

*live webcast?

Klaus | 22 June 2012

doesn't start until 1530 pst. that should be around 0030 your time (central europe).

Volker.Berlin | 22 June 2012

The count-down graphics that show the remaining time until June 22, 3:30 pm PDT are broken: They depend on the time/zone settings of the client.

Change your computer's time and/or time zone setting. Reload the page that embeds the counter. The counter shifted by the same amount that you skewed your local time.

Timo | 22 June 2012

0:30 CET Saturday, not Friday, 1:30 EET (or CEST and EEST respectively because we are currently at summer time).