iPod connector

iPod connector

As the new owner of a lovely Roadster 2.5, I have been defeated by one small change.

I am trying to replace the original iPhone connector with a modern one suitable for at least charging an iPhone 6 and possibly getting music off it.

I have removed the little panel which holds the seat heater buttons and the existing dock with lead so they are loose (wires still attached). the iPhone wires run underneath the console.

Has anyone succeeded in changing the lead who can tell me how I can get access to where I need to plug in the new lead please?

Bob L | 22 March 2015

Tried the same thing, with the same result. Ended up going to the apple store and buying an old style plug to lightening adapter which I keep in the glove box.

Brian H | 23 March 2015

Lightning adapter. Nothing to do with lights or pale colors.

mark23 | 29 March 2015

I use the lightning adapter and it works fine

simonog | 29 March 2015

I spent a little time with a Roadster expert and he showed me how simple it is.

We removed the rubber protective strip (push fit) at the front of the phone mount, undid the single screw, and then firmly lifted the phone mount (which includes heated seat and TC buttons) so that the retaining clip released it.

he then fished out the iPod cable which was tucked underneath and exposed the two flying sockets into which it plugged: one a USB and the other a 3.5 (or might be 2.5) mm stereo jack with mic ring.

We unplugged, and installed the new iPhone lead. Perfect - it has enough current available to power an iPhone 6 though I haven't tried an iPad yet. When I can find one in my spares box, I'll fit the 3.5 mm too.

Much better than using an adapter. Now I just need to find an elegant solution to the mount being the right width for the iPhone 4 and not the 6......

mark23 | 29 March 2015

interesting, so did you install simply a USB to lightning lead?

simonog | 31 March 2015

Yes. Works perfectly.

If I had a 3D printer I would now try to produce a neat module to hold the iPhone 6 which fitted into the current iPhone 4 sized mount. Until I solve that, the phone sits awkwardly sideways.

KenG | 3 April 2015

Why don't you just use the BT connection in the sound system?

simonog | 3 April 2015

@KenG: I wanted to be able to charge the phone while using it so it is connected to the car by BT but the diagnostics USB port can't provide the grunt to charge an iPhone 6.

KenG | 3 April 2015

@Simonog, when I used to plug in my old ipod, it would say it wasn't charging. However, I have an older Roadster, so maybe that changed in a newer model.

KenG | 3 April 2015

oh wait, now I see you were connecting it to the diag port, that's a different story.

simonog | 4 April 2015

Mine is a Roadster 2.5 and the diag port cannot cope with charging, whereas the main one can. I have yet to try it with my iPad.

mark23 | 29 April 2015

I still have the original Alpine head unit and fo rthe first time after an ios update (to 8.3) it refused to recognise my iPhone (no USB found). A quick search online suggested powering down the phone and then pressing the reset button behind the detachable head on the Alpine and I am happy to report that music restarted.

KenG I find that the volume through bluetooth is so faint that it requires max volume on both phone and Alpine, which is not fun when you inadvertently switch to a different source.