Issue with Slacker Radio

Issue with Slacker Radio

Out of nowhere about a week ago I started getting an error that say "Captcha Error Login".

Considering that there is no place to put a captcha, I find out really strange. I called Tesla a few times and the only thing they could tell me was to delete the data on the login/password settings, then reset the main screen and wait an hour - it should work... well, it doesn't! Tried many times and its been a week and I have no Slacker.

What annoys me is that I was using it a lot and its great, and I'm only 4 weeks into the 3- month trail period.

Anyone else having this issue at all? Suggestions?

jpeterman | 12 April 2013

Quick fix for that. Install Slacker on your iphone/android and login. It will give you the ability to enter the Captcha code on the phone screen.

Since you are still using Tesla's account, you will need to get the password from them for the account.

Then login on the Tesla screen and you will be back to streaming.


andyk | 12 April 2013

Thanks jpeterman. I'll try that!

olanmills | 12 April 2013

Next Tesla will have to write a captcha defeater to fix this problem! Then they can have a side business selling to digital gangstas.