Just how hard it is to make "sculptural work of art" second row seats?

Just how hard it is to make "sculptural work of art" second row seats?

Shouldn't be that hard to do unless there is something more to it than just nice seating surface. My guess is it will probably be what earlier rumors had that these seats will be able to slide, swing, rotate or do any of things to make seating and entry/exit more pleasant. It can be something as ground breaking as the original cup holders. Don't laugh cup holders helped sell a lot of cars/vans.

Tesla was slammed for the original S back seats which was cited as one reason why the car did not sell too well in the Chinese market where a lot of owners do sit in the back seats. Now imagine which Chinese tycoon or American celebrity would not want to do the grand exit exercise from the beautiful seat that swings out and under the wide open falcon wing door.

Tesla keeps learnning hard lessons but it does not want to just match the leaders it will leap frog them. Yes sir that's my Tesla.

Red Sage ca us | 6 August 2015

Wait... What?!? 'SCULPTURAL'...? Hrmph?

carlk | 6 August 2015

Lol...I misread what it was said. Sculptural work of art seat not sculptural seat. But not matter. What I said would still be true. The seat will likely be something nobody has had before and will take others a few years to copy.

Red Sage ca us | 6 August 2015

I'm sure that Tesla Motors didn't want to have to offer three or four different configurations of seats for Model X. They want to get it right the first time, so that they don't have to offer multiple seat designs in multiple materials and colors. Some are bound to complain no matter what, though. They'll want to see 38 shades of leather, even if they know they'll always choose the same one every time. | 6 August 2015

Second row seats that heat and cool, slide forward and back and recline as well as fold neatly out of the way for maximum cargo for starters?

Red Sage ca us | 6 August 2015

That would be enough for me, but others want them to fully swivel, have dual armrests, and footrests, with built-in boosters for small children as well.

johnse | 6 August 2015

I thought that Elon said that it was the "rear seats" that were being hard. I am suspecting this has more to do with the various space needs at the rear of the vehicle. It seemed to me that the Sculptural 2nd row seats were done.

treesdad421 | 6 August 2015

Did it trouble anyone besides me that Elon said the Model X would be the most complex car to manufacture? Why should that be, when the car will not have an ICE engine with its thousands of parts, transmission with its many parts, etc.?
But I mute be messing something.

vandacca | 6 August 2015

I heard that too @treesdad421. It came across as a wee bit arrogant to me.

timf2001 | 6 August 2015

My concern is that Tesla is spending too much time on a feature I will rarely use at the expense of features that directly benefit the driver such as ventilated seats. As long as they can fold flat, I'll be satisfied. Since these obviously have a significant engineering expense behind them, I hope they have an option for a more traditional second row if you opt out of the third row, and then offer the fancy swivel and slide seats with the third row for an extra charge.

carlk | 6 August 2015

@timf2001 My guess is that fancy second row seat, if that's what it is, would probably be an option item for the same reason the third row seat will be. Tesla needs to keep price of the base model low.

@treesdad421 @vandacca It just could be that they do have few things under the sleeves that are unique and no one has done before. The second row seat certain could be one. It will only be a few weeks before we find out. I hope we will all be wowed by what we see then.

Red Sage ca us | 6 August 2015

I took the statement to mean that the various levels of quality control that are built into every aspect of manufacturing Model X, in order to make it consistently the best vehicle possible as Production ramps up, also leads to levels of complexity in logistics that are an order of magnitude above what others might expect. The trick is not getting it done. The trick is in making it look easy to get it done.

larmorfreq | 6 August 2015

I think the harder comment could relate to safety and crash testing... The MS got high marks for crash testing, but does the MX form require more attention d/t increased surface area and glass?

DriverZ | 7 August 2015

OMG!!!!!! These second row seats are so AWSOME!!!

They have a built in Virtual Reality headseat 10 times better than Occulus Rift built into the head rest and haptic gloves built into the arm rests.

No longer will your kids be asking to watch a video in the back seat. They will be playing in their own worlds.

The VR can be synced to all of the cameras and sensors around the car to basically make the car invisible. The passenger can feel like they are flying on a magic carpet instead of looking out the window - think Tomorrowland.

Plus, you can sync with the auto pilot in the car. You can be sitting in the back with the second row seats rotated to be rear-facing and play a nice game of cards with 3 other passengers while the car drives on the highway, then toggle into VR and look out the windshiled virtually and drive the car from the back seat when you get to your exit and have to control the car on city streets.


Now I know what the wait was about.

vandacca | 7 August 2015

@DriverZ, you should turn on the gyroscopes motion system under the seat for a truly immersive experience. And don't forget to move the vent settings to "smell-o-vision"!

DriverZ | 7 August 2015

@vandacca: Ready Player One!

vandacca | 7 August 2015

DriverZ: Ready Player Two!

jjs | 7 August 2015

Will it play Asteroids? The best arcade game EVER!

jordanrichard | 7 August 2015

I think the complex aspect of the Model X is the most obvious one, the flacon doors. Watch videos on how the Mercedes SLS is made, these doors don't just quickly get bolted on.

Also, since no one knows all the features the X will have, no one here can comment on the ease or difficulty involved in building the X.

As for the sculpture like second row seats, these would be seen every time the falcon doors are opened. Granted there may be some people here that will rarely use the second row seats. However, you are not the primary market for the X. Since in the U.S. the "SUV" is considered the family hauler, then these seats will be used quite often.

Why is Elon and crew so fixated on the second row seats....? Who the hell knows. I guess once we actually see the seat, we will finally realize what all the hub bub was about.

DriverZ | 7 August 2015

@jjs You are kidding, right? The best arcade game ever is Zwackery. I own one of the few left in existence. You can come over and play sometime.

vandacca | 7 August 2015

@DriverZ and @jjs, obviously, you two haven't seen Slime on the Commodore PET.

DriverZ | 7 August 2015

@vandacca: ARCADE game

jjs | 7 August 2015


I NEVER kid about Asteroids! I would sooner vote for Rand Paul than kid about Asteroids. (OK. Let's see if that sets off any fireworks. This tread has been pretty much hijacked already anyway.) ;) | 8 August 2015

I asked Auguste Rodin why it took him so long to make "The Thinker".

He said (rough translation) "Buddy, you don't even know how long it takes me to take the tools out of my cart."

Second row seats could be even harder to sculpt.

jjs | 8 August 2015

george. I know you have said you are old, but now I guess we know just how old! :) Hang on old man, your X will be there soon.

ca-blessed | 12 August 2015

I'm no Model Xer. Just visiting here from Model S land.

But, here's my guess:
Second row seats will swivel to face each other and face the third row.
(with a pop up table in the middle to play games)

Oh and of course 2nd and 3rd row recline options.
Yup... Lemme know if I win any bets:-) | 12 August 2015

Bump artistically

eric.zucker | 16 August 2015

Actually thanks to autopilot, front seats will be reversible, 2nd row splits in half, and the entire car becomes a saloon. Stop by a drive-in, and you've got a waiter with food and drinks. Now that's progress!