Key wrangling solution

Key wrangling solution

Would love to hear how other owners are handling adding their Tesla key to their keychain/other key-holding device...I haven't figured out a good solution and it's driving me nuts to have it not attached to my other keys.

jinglehyme | 11 December 2012

I'm struggling too. It didn't come with a lanyard and it won't fit on a split loop ring. My Lexus came with a lanyard and leather case. IMO Tesla went cheap with this. It's so lightweight that you forget its in your pocket. I know it's going the end up on the washing machine the next time I do laundry. The plastic is really shinny and feels like it's from the 5 cent bin at Walmart. Its cutesie, but not practical. The antithesis of everything Tesla stands for.

I bet its not waterproof!

Mark2131@CA-US | 11 December 2012

I'd recommend these:

It's the best $6 bucks you'll ever spend!

dschulner | 11 December 2012

black zip tie. easiest solution, after struggling for hours.

k8yorr | 11 December 2012

I was about to use a clear zip tie...didn't know I could find black zip ties. That might be the winning option. Thanks!

dantir | 11 December 2012

Another alternative -a 'camera leash." Surprisingly, the hooks are about the same size and you can put your door key on the other end, Although not elegant, it does work.

jat | 11 December 2012

I don't put my LEAF key on a keyring now. It isn't quite as big as the Tesla key, but it is pretty big. I never take it out of my pocket except when I take off my pants or in airport security, so I would assume the Tesla key will likewise rarely need to be handled.

TikiMan | 11 December 2012

Tiny black zip-tie worked great.

Manta | 12 December 2012
Volker.Berlin | 12 December 2012

Re: waterproof, there are three older threads that discuss this issue from different perspectives:

I also asked about a surfing key. No one had a solution other than hiding it in the bushes out of range or taking the battery out and putting it in a hidden lock box. Neither very practical or elegant. As many buyers will be active people and all electronics fail at some point, Tesla should provide a plastic emergency/wet key with a key hole somewhere. My vote would be under the taillight flap opposite the charger flap. (RobQ)

They could maybe team up with a watch maker and produce a combined waterproof watch & RFID key ? With small buttons on the side to unlock the trunk, frunk etc. (jkirkebo)
(From the same thread)

I'm assuming the emergency fail safe unlock spot at the wheel well uses RFID, since it works when the fob's battery is dead. Tesla could provide a waterproof plastic card with embedded RFID tag you could have in your wallet for emergencies. This would also solve the problem of a day of scuba diving or surfing, since all you'd need is the card in your gear or suit. (Teoatawki)

I asked this question at my test drive. The tech assured me that even if the key fob battery dies, the car can be opened and operated by having the key fob close to the car. The car recognizes the key even with a dead fob battery. The car will not let you lock the keys inside. This is good most of the time, but if you are into outdoor sports, water sports, or want to put an emergency key somewhere on or near the car, you really cant. The car will recognize the key and unlock the car. There is no "plastic key" or other emergency key. In my current vehicle, I lock my keys in my car and use a keypad on the door which I installed to enter the car. I also have a trailer hitch that has a tiny safe inside which can hold a key. I dont see any options here for the model S and hope they an arrange somethin that works. I didnt think this was going to be a big deal, but it just might be a deal breaker if I cant use my car to do the sports that I love. (Mark42)

My personal favorites are smart phone (wireless data and NFC, alternatively), RFID sticker (could stick it on one of the credit cards/member cards I have with me, anyway, thus not adding another card to my wallet) and key fob watch (needs to be a quality watch from a respectable brand, and waterproof, obviously).

Electric Machete | 12 December 2012

I bet they would sell tons of key fob watches if they put them on the Tesla store website.

They need to come up with something for those of us who enjoy water sports. I ordered two of the waterproof pockets like the ones listed above and they are just too big. I don't want to wear a big chunky necklace ever, let alone while I am surfing when it will certainly disappear.

My best solution so far was to put my current key fob inside of a ziplock bag with all of the air sucked out, then rolled up, then put inside of a second zip lock bag. Put that into my pocket of my board shorts. Still not a good solution for anytime I need to wear a wet suit.

Volker.Berlin | 12 December 2012

For a full-fledged fob watch, keep in mind that a regular replacement key fob alone is $325.00, which presumably establishes a lower bound for the price of such watch:

A watch that merely contains the RFID component (which is obviously part of the key fob and serves to open the car when the key fob battery has died) could most likely be much cheaper. The same goes for an RFID sticker.