LA Auto Show

LA Auto Show

Why is it that Tesla is not showing up for the LA Auto show? I would think this would be the kind of exposure Tesla Should be looking for after winning the Motor Trend award.

I know they have choose not to advertize in the past but it is about time they start to get more exposure, and get the name out. After all i would think LA auto show should help them get more exposure in the Southern California are which could be a great market for Tesla.

Am i missing something...?

EcoHeliGuy | 30 November 2012

Tesla isn't having a problem with exposure, demand is out passing supply right now. You might see them at international auto shows before US auto shows.

The vast majority of the public does go to auto shows anyway. But pretty much everyone steps foot in a mall.

EcoHeliGuy | 30 November 2012

Doesn't go to auto shows* | 30 November 2012
TeslaLABlue | 30 November 2012

Tesla follows Steve Jobs concept and thinks different.

They are having their own auto show at the Tesla stores every day. That beats a few days in a convention center in my mind.

It should be called "The LA gas powered car and pretend EV Auto Show"

mbcaffe | 30 November 2012

I am acutally on my way to the auto show. I don't think Tesla will be there. They don't need to spend that kind of money when they already have a 9 month backlog.

TikiMan | 30 November 2012

I was told Tesla is only doing the Detroit and Geneva auto shows currently (which are the biggest and have the most press).

The LA Show has never really been the best show to see the latest and greatest. Most of the cars on display are usually old news, and or concept cars really far off.