List of upgrades after delivery

List of upgrades after delivery

i was hoping someone could tell me which products i can get added on after the car has been bought. I am getting the car as a gift however it won't have all the parts.

Im pretty sure you could add these on(Confirmation would be appreciated)
1. Color of the car
2. Wheels

Are these upgradable?
3. Type of roof
4. Seats
5. Battery
6. Tech Package
7. Sound Studio
8. Active air suspension
9. Rear facing seats (i read these must be during the order.)
10. Parcel shelf
11. paint armor
12. Twin Chargers(Must be installed during build process)
13. Supercharger(Will cost 500 dollars extra)

If i missed any please add it in.
Thank You

pgiralt | 24 July 2013

AFAIK, the only things that are upgradeable by Tesla would be the Wheels, Parcel Shelf, Twin Chargers (for $3600 instead of the $1500 factory option), and Supercharger option (for a 60)

The paint armor you can add aftermarket (and probably get a better product anyway).

I don't know if I'd consider the color something upgradeable. Sure, you can repaint a car, but unless you paint it the same color, the value of the car goes down dramatically and you'll never get the inside areas painted. Some folks have done vinyl wraps to change the color.

I don't think anything else is upgradeable. The rear facing seats cannot be done after the fact because apparently it also includes some additional reinforcement of the rear area of the car to add additional crash protection.

cfOH | 24 July 2013

You can also always have a 3rd-party/aftermarket audio system installed any time.