Locked out - Let in

Locked out - Let in

Just a reminder. If your key fob is in your bag you are able to walk up to a door, including the rear hatch, and unlock it but I returned to the airport last night and opened the rear and put my bags in and closed the door and was instantly locked out of everything. It was kinda surprising that even with the key right there, inside the car, I couldn't open any door.

Fortunately Tesla can remote unlock your door and I called the support number and Freddie, I believe it was, helped me out and was fantastic. Calling back a few times to make sure everything was cool. Really it was fantastic service.

So friendly reminder - don't put your keys in the back and if you're an idiot like me and you do it then Tesla can bail you out.


stevenmaifert | 30 December 2012

I have their number on speed dial :)

eelton | 30 December 2012

That's interesting. The BMW I had with this feature would not lock when the key was inside the car. I would have thought Tesla would have the same safeguard.

Carefree | 30 December 2012

This really should not be possible. Tesla needs to change the software to prohibit this from happening.

Velo1 | 30 December 2012

Good to know, as I can see me doing this, too. Is the phone number Tesla's main number, or something else? I will add it to my Favorites.

LazMan | 30 December 2012

My Prius has this feature. Saved me a couple of times already.

jchangyy | 30 December 2012

My Camry has this feature...which I'll be replacing.

iholtzman | 30 December 2012

What number did you call?
Roadside assistance?
866-99 tesla

Robert22 | 30 December 2012

I discovered this weekend if you call a repair center after hours the call is automatically rerouted to another center. In my case, the call was rerouted from the northeast to Fremont CA where I got a live repair specialist. The goal I was told, is that no matter what time you call, someone somewhere in the US will answer and be ready to address to your concern.....sweet.

Lou in SoCal | 30 December 2012

My Mercedes CLS55 also doesn't lock also if the key is inside. Hopefully Tesla can program this into the next update.

Joyrider | 30 December 2012

It is good to know Tesla is there for the rescue. But as others have noted this is another area where the hi-tech Tesla is at least years behind in its secondary technology. My 2010 Altima won't let me lock the key fob in my car as others noted with their vehicles.

Volker.Berlin | 31 December 2012

Thanks for bringing this up again, because you have to be careful right now. However, it is already a long-standing issue and a fix has been promised:

rbgpgfl | 31 December 2012

I will be expecting my delivery in Feb/March. I hope this is a priority fix for TM.
I have left my 'key' in the car a few times but never had to think twice
about it.....can't even lock the car in this type of situation. By the way how many
keys does Tesla give at delivery? I have always received 2 with Lexus.

mkh1437 | 31 December 2012

You get two key fobs at delivery.

bredell | 31 December 2012

How do you identify yourself when calling Tesla? I suppose they need to know you're the owner of the car before unlocking it.

TDurden1990 | 31 December 2012

"...It was kinda surprising that even with the key right there, inside the car, I couldn't open any door..."

What about this scenario:
-- You accidentally leave your keys in your bag in your car (not unprecedented).
-- Someone walks up and opens the door ("...the BMW I had with this feature would not lock when the key was inside the car...")
-- Someone drives off with your Model S

You were able to call Tesla (24/7) and have a remote unlock. This sounds like it is a better 'safeguard.'

Brian H | 1 January 2013

Also implies the doors are locked to anyone trying to enter while you're in the driver's seat, unless you specifically let them in. Prudent.

Tâm | 1 January 2013

My former 2006 Prius does not lock the car automatically.

There were quite a few times that I accidentally left the fob in the Prius but I was never able to lock myself out.

To manually lock it:

1) I can use the fob


2) I can push one of the outside black rubber buttons at the outside doors/hatchback.

#1 is not a problem because it means the fob is not left in the car while it is being pushed on.

#2 can only lock if the fob is outside of the car. If it does not detect the fob, it won't allow you to lock with the outside doors/hatch back buttons. If you leave your fob in the car (front, rear cabin, luggage area), it won't let you lock with the outside buttons either but it would emit a long annoying sound to warn you to remove the fob from inside the car.

It is not a perfect solution because what if I forget to lock the Prius and the fob is inside?

Brian H | 2 January 2013

And what if you are inside and want to lock someone out?

noel.smyth | 2 January 2013

I would hope that the mobile phone app would have the ability to unlock the car as well.

portia | 13 January 2013

hmm, as several already noted, there are scenarios where you do want the car locked with the key fob inside! So, at least Tesla can remotely unlock it (interesting there too). I'm afraid if I did that my phone would also be locked inside!

erictridoc | 14 January 2013

While showing some friends my new car, I inadvertently placed the key fob on the floor. We all got out of the car and before I realized I left the key in the car, it locked. However, the rear lift gate remained unlocked and I was able to climb in through the back to retrieve the key. I knew leaving the key would be problematic in that I had already done it once before while washing my car at home. Fortunately, I had the 2nd fob in the house. This time around demonstrates a potential security risk. Once this trait becomes known in the general public, it will be only a matter of time before someone else drives off with your pride and joy. Don't leave your key in the car......Has anyone else experienced this?

kingkong | 14 January 2013

erictridoc, you meant it locks the 4 doors but not the hatch? is it only your car?

patp | 14 January 2013

The mobile app have will surely have an unlock feature like the Volt. This will be come really handy in those situations.

erictridoc | 14 January 2013

Kingkong, that is correct. The 4 doors locked but the rear hatch remained unlocked...

Timo | 14 January 2013

@erictridoc, that's a bug. If main doors lock, hatch should lock too. YADoorProblem.