long way to go for Tesla related subject...

long way to go for Tesla related subject...

Well, Elon runs Tesla, he also runs Space X, and he's got his eye on mars. So I'm curious what he thinks about this. Any way you look at it, it should be spectacular. Has a chance to seriously effect mars as we know it.

Brian H | 7 March 2013

It's part of the plan. It's an ice comet, that will fill the dry Martian basins, and turn the world green and blue. Or maybe black and blue, if it hits hard enough.

TeslaRocks | 8 March 2013

A law should be voted: if Elon will be allowed to go to Mars, he must leave behind at least one clone of himself.

Timo | 8 March 2013

Soon we can all download ourselves in the "net" and access each other knowledge and experiences from there. Then there is no need to have clone of Elon here. Next step is to correct those errors evolution has left to our bodies. And while we are doing that, why not fix other species errors as well? Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

FLsportscarenth... | 8 March 2013

Well Mars needs more mass to have enough gravity to hold a decent atmosphere and have a magnetosphere to protect it from solar flares... Need to gather a bunch of asteroids and crash them into Mars to build up more iron (for the magnetosphere and building supplies) and ice (for oceans and hydration for mixing cement). Lets build a freeway on Mars! hehe

Honestly I would not want to live on Mars (a frozen desert like Antarctica and you have to scavenge around for air thick enough to breath) until after some serious terraforming, but would be cool to visit. I think Elon wants to go to Mars to make history, not because it is a really nice place to live, seriously it would get very boring up there, he should visit Antarctica for a few weeks first and see if he could hack it.

Plus they really should be careful about sending humans up there yet till they explore the planet more completely... Bacteria and even some multicelluar animals like tardigrades could survive underground on Mars. Local life could be destroyed by us or could even kill us... Look before you leap!

Jolinar | 11 March 2013

+1 FLsportscarenth
I would also reccomend throwing few asteroids and especially comets with high amount of water to Mars, it could add a bit of water there and maybe even warm it a little bit to ease future terraforming :-)

Brian H | 11 March 2013

Live on one side, and crash asteroids into the other! It would be fun to watch from the midpoints.