Los Angeles to Yosemite possible in Model S

Los Angeles to Yosemite possible in Model S

We took our 85kWhr Model S from LA to Yosemite and back last weekend. We were able to charge at our accommodations (Evergreen Lodge) at 120v (slow!), but could have easily visited a nearby RV park instead.

Because we didn't start with a full range charge, we could not reach Tejon Ranch without a visit at Harris Ranch. The trip was therefore a bit lengthened by the fact there was a long line at the single Harris Ranch supercharger. But the PGE transformer is recently installed at Harris Ranch (not there on Thursday, there on Sunday), so we can hope to see the six superchargers there operational before too long.

That said, the trip would be much faster if there were a supercharger somewhere along Highway 99, as it would allow Yosemite-Highway 99 stop-Tejon Ranch and save a bunch of miles and non-highway driving. In fact, such a supercharger would open up the entire west side of the Sierra Nevada to Model S.

Still, a very nice trip. I recommend it.

Docrob | 1 April 2013

Did you make use of the level 2 charger near the store and visitor centre as well?