Loud humming sound while charging?

Loud humming sound while charging?

Unlocked car using the phone app. Plugged in charger. Fairly loud hum from car. Mix of low and a high pitch low volume tone. Stopped charging using app. Hum continued but dropped in volume. Restarted charging. Still a hum but not as loud as before??? Thoughts ?

GLO | 2 April 2013

Ours always hums while charging. Maybe something to do with the liquid cooled battery.

jat | 2 April 2013

The battery/inverter cooling system runs during charging when they are hot. I wouldn't say it is loud, but you can notice it.

mkh1437 | 2 April 2013

There always seem to be some sort of whirring/humming/clicking coming from the car, especially if it is warming the battery.