Does tesla needs coolant? what about break fluid?

Douglas3 | 25 April 2011

Yes it has coolant for the battery pack, but it doesn't get hot so it lasts a very long time.

Yes it has brake fluid for the conventional disk brakes.

As I recall here's a little bit of lubricating oil in the gearbox.

It has windshield washer fluid.

AFAIK the only other liquid is in the cupholder...

Vawlkus | 26 April 2011

And the driver

SCxMaster | 9 September 2011

How about recharging the AC?

VolkerP | 9 September 2011

The roadster air condition uses R134a as refrigerant. Not very green but state of the art in 2008. AC systems constantly leak a little amount of refrigerant, and are checked/topped up during service. Some national laws enforce leak detection if there is an excessive rate of loss.
Model S HVAC system will use a different refrigerant. Franz calls it "environment-friendly". Let's see.