Massachusetts Auto Dealers Association

Massachusetts Auto Dealers Association

I am new to the forum, so apologies if this has already been covered. I do not yet own a Tesla, but am a huge fan and shareholder. I would like to know how individuals plan to help support Tesla in winning state lawsuits and preventing new legislation that would further block Direct manufacturer to consumer sales.

As a resident of MA, I have already written a letter of support to Rep David Linksy who is supporting Tesla and working on Legislation that would allow manufacturers to sell direct to the consumer. I also wrote to Sen. Marc Pacheco condemning his actions to pass legislation that would further block Tesla from entering Massachusetts.

My question is, what else can we do? Are others taking similar steps to make representatives aware that we are taking note of who is for free enterprise and who is not?


Captain_Zap | 8 June 2013

Thank you for taking action at the state level. It might help even more if you contact all your States's Representatives at the State level and the Federal level too. Some states claim that this is a violation of franchise laws but Tesla has no franchises, therefore the laws would not apply. Forcing franchising on any a sector of business sounds like a mob tactic.

I have heard compelling arguments that the restrictions on direct sales of Teslas is a violation of Federal Interstate Commerce Laws and un-Constitional. There was a White House petition but it expired before there was enough signatures. Maybe it is time to try again now that there is more awareness.

Here is Elon's blog about the situation. He is so concerned about the state of our democracy that he choked up at the stockholder's meeting this week. The people are very strongly in favor of direct sales but their government is favoring paid lobbies over citizen's concerns or needs.

Thanks again for helping make things right.