Mod S - 1000 new orders from Norway this year, so far :)

Mod S - 1000 new orders from Norway this year, so far :)

And more to come :)

dahtye | 14 December 2012

Wow, that's exciting. Can you state your source? Also, how does the Model S perform in extreme cold weather - which is the weather in most of Norway most of the year?

Brian H | 14 December 2012

Yes, TM estimates the US, EU, and Asia will end up about equal in sales. So if Norway continues buying ½ the EU total, that would be about ½ the US total, too. With under 2% of the population!

FREE ENERGY | 15 December 2012

Tesla performs just great and nicely over here ! Lots of Nissan Leaf's also over here selling very well due to laws and regulations, and above all, we have only Hydro Electic here ! A dream like scenario.

jkirkebo | 15 December 2012

Yep, the Leaf has nearly 2% of the total car market here this year. It is the 13th most sold model.

TheFlyer | 15 December 2012

@ dahtye:
I have the same number, or to be exact, 800 a few weeks ago. That number is total reservations though, not only 2012 I believe. Source is Tesla Norway. But reservations are popping in like crazy after we had 1 (or actually 2 now) demo cars in the Tesla showroom, giving test drives. So 1000 may very well be the number now. Model S has got a lot of media coverage, and people are not believing their ears when they hear about Model S. Some of us have tried to spread the gospel for 3.5 years, we knew this was big. Now we welcome our friends after.
Regarding your weather expectations for Norway, you are actually quite a bit off target, but you are certainly not alone. We have usually a cold winter for 3-4 months, but then it is a lovely spring, a warm and nice summer and a refreshing fall/autumn. Four lovely season. :-)

Flyer, R23

Timo | 17 December 2012

IIRC Norway doesn't have VAT on electric vehicles and they have >$8/gallon of gas, so electric is really a no-brainer there as long as you don't do extremely long daily trips (and after couple of SC installs even that goes away).

Norway is next to Atlantic Gulf Stream , so temperatures don't go quite as extreme as in inland at that same latitude, summer is a bit less warm (sea cools it down) and winter less cold (sea keeps it warmer). Same effect extends to Finland as well, but in lesser decree, when we get climates that originate from Russia it tends to get either really cold or really hot (and dry).

Gulf Stream is a main reason why entire northern Europe doesn't look like Greenland. If it moves we get local Ice Age at no time flat.

morgan | 12 January 2013

It is more than the VAT that is gone. Here are the main reasons:

No VAT (25% normally)
No import tax (varies depending on kW, cc, weight and CO2 and NOX emissions)
BMW M5 cost >300000 USD
Tesla = US price
Cheap electricity, was down to 2-3 cent parts of 2012 summer
No road tax
Free parking, and if with outlet, free power too.
Drive in the bus lanes (saves about 45 minutes in to Oslo from west)
No yearly road fee (500 USD per year)

Most of us have three phase electicity to our house, and all newly built areas have 400V three phase, so we can charge the car really quick in most cases. Standard sockets have 230V 16A, so 3,6kW from you living room socket if that is the only option, which it rarely is.

So, you get a car that is 1/3 or less of the price of comparable models (mostly kW drives the taxes), low maintenance cost, low running cost, and with power that is unrivaled in it's price range. The tax alone for 362hp is about the price of the whole Model S price if you buy petrol/diesel. It really is a no-brainer. We have one of the worlds highest car taxes, and suddenly we get awesome cars without paying tax, or even VAT.

Timo | 12 January 2013

...and almost all the electricity is created using hydro AFAIK, so BEV is truly green car there too. BEV dream country for sure.

Dave-LasVegas | 12 January 2013

Wow, the Norwegians must really be rolling in kroner too. Good for them!

dstiavnicky | 12 January 2013

And I thought there was on efantastic salesperson in Norway... I was going to hire him for my business!

SD Supercharger | 12 January 2013

What could be better than to have a beautiful country with Tesla MS everywhere. Better yet, this will make all the Swedes envious. Doesn't get any better than that!