Model C compact S or what name will it have

Model C compact S or what name will it have

Will the new small Compact Tesla coming in 2015/16 be called the model C or E or T?

I think the new Roadster replacement will the the model E as in the Jaguar XKE.

It doesn't matter I just want to be able to place a firm order for the new 25% smaller S like model with 200 mile range, Super Charging and quick change battery system!

I have also heard rumors about a S platform pick up type vehicle, a van like and who know what other cool ideas are floating around at Tesla.

filsmyth | 24 August 2013

People have been referring to the Gen3 car as the 'Model C', I think, just to have something to call it (Compact). Of course mostly because of Henry Ford's early naming system there are several letters that cannot be used. Everyone knows the Model T and plenty are aware of the Model A which replaced it, but few know the 1932 Fords were Model B's, and even fewer are geeky enough about automotive history to be aware of the fact that 'Model C' was used for the '33 and '34 Fords. I'm that geeky but not quite geeky enough to know whether the last prewar Fords were 'Model D'... Anyway after WWII at least, Ford abandoned that naming system.

Then there's this:

Tesla has trademarked 'Model E', and no other names except Model S and Model X. So, people are assuming the Gen3 car will be called that, as it is slated to be the next vehicle released (as far as we know).