Model S Outdoor Car Cover

Model S Outdoor Car Cover

I was just wondering if anybody in the forum has purchased this and what their experiences are. I'm coming up on three weeks ownership of my MS 85 and am struggling with keeping it relatively clean on the outside. I don't have a garage to keep it in so it stays in the driveway over night and during the daytime when I'm not driving it. Between the contributions from the birds, condensation overnight, gardeners with leaf blowers, etc., I'm spending a fair amount of time maintaining its awesome looks. It could be that I'm just an overwrought newbie whose desire for it to maintain that "new car look" is asking too much. Anyhow, it occurred to me that the cover might help alleviate much of the problem when the car is just sitting overnight and in the daytime. There is of course the question of maintaining the $400 car cover. Is it washable without causing harm to it? It doesn't say anything on the Tesla Gear website about it being washable. Given the "middle layer of Thermoplastic Polyurethane and two outer layers of woven polyester" it makes me wonder. Can anybody out there give me some info? Thanks!

sunrunner | 21 August 2013

I had bought the outdoor cover for use primarily indoors. It is very well made, and durable appearing. I haven't tried to wash it yet but I'd imagine it'd do fine. It fits well but it's not as snug as some other custom covers; my s2k cover fits better I think.
If your car is parked indoors, you'll like it. But if its outside, I think you NEED it.

David70 | 21 August 2013

"If your car is parked indoors, you'll like it. But if its outside, I think you NEED it."

I have a portable garage, and even with it closed up the car get dust and pine needles blown onto it without the cover.
I just got the cover about two weeks ago.
I'm using it now that I'm away from home for a couple weeks.

CarlE_P439 | 22 August 2013

I park my MS outside and I have used my car cover only twice in 7 months (once when I was away on vacation and when the massive northeast snow storm was coming last winter). I would say if you have to deal with leaf blowers it might be worthwhile. But will you get tired of putting it on and taking it off every time??

mswendsen | 22 August 2013

Cover is easy to out on and take off, and is water resistant, yet has a nice soft inner lining. I figure that if this car is going to have a 20 year lifespan, then covering it to protect from all elements--especially the sun-- is a sage plan and well worth the full minute it takes to out on or take off.

I haven't owned it long enough to have to wash it, but I wouldn't have any qualms.

Brian H | 22 August 2013

Unless you've got your paint coated, it may produce micro-scratches from dust embedded in the inner lining, etc.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 22 August 2013

I have the outdoor Tesla Car cover. I have to leave my Tesla outside at the resort. So far, the outdoor cover has protected my Model S from ice storms, rain, sun, and snow, and even a golf-ball size hail storm. For me it was well worth the nearly $400 investment. To keep the Tesla cover clean, I always throw an inexpensive plastic tarp over it to keep it bird-stuff free and dry, The Tesla Outdoor cover is form fitting. the cheep tarp is not, so I fasten it over the Tesla tarp with a half dozen ratchet rubber grip clamps. | 19 October 2013

I also have the outdoor version of the Model S Car Cover and it does appear to be well made. I do have a question about it though. Mine has two pockets sewn into the lower edge of the cover, one on each side midway between the front and the back of the cover. The pockets contain what looks like a captive plastic grommet but with no through hole. I assume its purpose is to allow a rope to be passed under the car and affixed to the grommet to prevent the cover from blowing off. The shape of the grommet leads me to believe it is intended to snap onto a mating part affixed to the car body, but I have not been able locate such a part on the car though. No instructions came with the cover. Anybody found a use for this "feature"?

2050project | 19 October 2013

Aftermarket car cover for Model S is coming - looks to be for outdoor but only limited info in the write-up for it:

jcadman22 | 24 July 2014

Just found this old thread as I'm considering buying the outdoor car cover. Do the service centers stock any of the accessories or do they only ship from HQ?

@Carmel - the grommets that you're seeing are probably for a cable lock. I had one ages ago and it is a wise investment so someone doesn't walk away with your $400 cover.

tmyl21 | 24 July 2014

I am also thinking of investing in the outdoor cover as a new owner. Can anyone comment with experience using the outdoor cover if the MS needs to be clean and debris free before putting on the cover to avoid scratching and/or harming the vehicle defeating the purpose of the cover?

jordanrichard | 24 July 2014

Any car will need to be clean before placing a cover on it. The cover will move a bit from the wind. So be sure there is no debris on the car because it will scratch. Recommend locking it down via a cable to prevent it from blowing away in a strong wind.

If you plan on charging the car while it's covered outside, you will need the cover specifically made for the MS. There are mess vents built into it to let out the heat discharge.

JoeFee | 26 July 2014

I love it! Used it since 11/12 with no scratch issues with Opti Pro ...does need to be washed but it would be nice to know for sure it is washable.

Coiled | 23 November 2014

About 8 months after I bought it, the cover started leaving a fine white dust all over the car. Since I live near the beach, I thought it might be salt left after the rain evaporated, but it doesn't taste like salt. Perhaps it's disintegrating. Anyone else have this problem?

sbeggs | 23 November 2014

Ah, kissing your car again...I do it all the time!

Anthony J. Parisio | 23 November 2014

I have had 4 car covers of different quality over the years, all water proof. Over time all have eventually done as you describe. That is when I get a new cover. However, I now only use it in fall. It seems easier and faster to me to frequently remove bird droppings and wash weekly. The time spent properly removing the cover before living is to inconvenient for me. When it rains I won't even attempt it less I roughen the cover. While the car is covered I do seem to drive much less.