Model S owner needs advice.

Model S owner needs advice.

First I want to thank all you early adopters for helping to make it possible to order a Model S! In your best estimation, how much has your battery lost its ability to keep its range over a long period of time? The current warranty is 8 years for an S model. Will one need a new battery at this point?

charpold | 16 January 2014

I can offer just one data point from my personal experience. My Roadster is 5 years old, and retains 95.9% of its original range.

There are a number of data points in this Roadster Battery Survey at Plug In America:

Bottom line: nobody can be 100% certain, but it looks like you can expect to have most of the original range remaining after 8 years.

ghillair | 16 January 2014

The ICE manufactures offer a five year warranty do you need a new engine after five years???

Brian H | 17 January 2014

At 70% an 85kWh battery is equivalent to a new 60 kWh. But degrading slower than a new one.