I can't decide whether I should shell out another $20K for the Performance Model S 85 kWh or the Standardard 85 kWh. I test drove the performance model this afternoon and loved it but I think the standard model would just suffice. 0-60 mpg in 5.4 sec is plenty fast! The standard model 85 kWh has an equivalent horsepower of 362 as opposed to 414 for the Performance model.
To those owners of the Standard 85 kWh, are you satifsfied with the power/torque? Do you feel like you should have spent the extra $20K for the Performance model?

Theresa | 13 May 2013

I am very happy that I didn't spend the extra for the performance model. This allows me to get a jump on the second S for the household.
The little bit of time that you would actually use/need it is so infrequent that unless you are a show off or a speed junkie you mostly likely won't ever miss it.

bradslee | 13 May 2013

+1 Theresa

Me too. I love my standard MS 85kWh and no complaints at all.

ASG | 13 May 2013

Yep - no need for the performance model. Although fun to drive, not necessary... I already know more cops than I would like...

Brian H | 13 May 2013

Supplementary question: How many standard S owners need or use full power?

Cattledog | 13 May 2013

edlee - As a standard 85 owner (and Model X reservation holder), I can say's up to you. Lots of threads on this. For me, that delta represents one year's tuition at our kids' school. Or a few nice family vacations. Or painting my house (happening right now) Or 1/4 of a Model X!

However.....if $20K is not a big deal to you, get it.

Brian - I floor it (S85) all the time and it's awesome, mostly entering freeways. Everyone who rides in the car is impressed. But the P85 is a little more awesome.....

markapeterman | 13 May 2013

Agree with Cattledog - have S85 - could have had P85 but money best used elsewhere (like buying stock at 30 in Nov).

Brian - I floor it almost every trip (lots of freeway driving on my commute and no guilt about a cloud of exhaust) - S85 not as dramatic when you floor it from 0-30 and 70-90, but unbelievable in the 30-70mph range.

appljd | 13 May 2013

From Motor Trend Tesla S85 and P85 detailed review:

BMW M5 (dual clutch): 30-90 =6.3 sec, 45-65=1.8 sec @ $104,000
Porsche Panamera GTS: 30-90 =7.6 sec, 45-65=2.3 sec @ $146,000
Tesla Model S85 (std): 30-90 =6.6 sec, 45-65=1.9 sec @ $82,500+/-
Tesla Model S P85(performance): 30-90 =6 sec, 45-65=1.7 sec @ $96,000+/-

To put it another way .. If you can't afford the P85, you can still keep up with the big performance gas cars and save a bundle, if you don't mind not racing off the block. I don't know about you, I never race anyone, this is a real safety feature to have a car that can pass so quickly.

inverts | 13 May 2013

Also have the MS85, don't need any more power, but floor it whenever I have a chance to do it.

Robert22 | 13 May 2013

I've got the S85 but was given a P85 loaner recently while my car was in for service. While passengers invariably said "Wow" when I floored it off the mark, with the P85 the wow was immediately followed by "holy sh*%". Other than that, and a few differences in interior appointments, I can't say I regret my choice of an S85. The savings also allowed me to spring for an HPWC for convenient hassle-free charging, a CCI and premium mats, with money to spare for stock. Will I look forward to a Performance loaner periodically? Absolutely. But for my routine daily commute and periodic jackrabbit emulation, the S85 still exceeds my expectations.

jasonsc | 13 May 2013

I posted on this very same issue a couple of weeks ago and settled on the S85 for all the reasons listed here. I had a build date in June. In the intervening time, an inventory car was made available with all the options I wanted, and in my color, except it was a P85 and had 21" gray wheels. Seeing this as a sign from the universe I pulled the trigger. Did I need the extra, not really, but I have no regrets. I also know I won't be wishing I had done it. If I was ordering from scratch, would be a tougher call.... Hearing my wife do the Holy sh&% part was worth it in itself (she had no idea and I had convinced her the car was decent, but not 'super'... :-)

xray | 13 May 2013

My advice for friends and family is that only you can decide what kind of driver you are and whether you would take advantage of the extra second of acceleration. Use your prior driving history and tendencies as a guide.

glenn.berry | 13 May 2013

I have had my P85 for a little over a week, and I am not tired of the extra acceleration yet... It is amazingly quick. On the other hand, a Standard 85 is going to be plenty quick enough, especially compared to most other cars on the road.

Once you get under 6.0 seconds for 0-60, you have a quick car. Anything faster than that is just gravy, IMHO.

jukevargo | 13 May 2013

My wife and I bought the "standard" 85 and we continue to giggle when one of us floors it. Love it...

Brian H | 14 May 2013

Shared giggles with wife. Priceless.

I can imagine quite a series of TV ads based on little vignettes on that theme ...

George with SacEV | 14 May 2013

If $25,000 extra is easy to accept, then go for the Performance Plus package. OTOH, if you want an indulgent, green, and quick 5 passenger vehicle the base 85kW should meet ALL your needs. It was the base 85kW Model S that Consumer Reports gave the 99/100 review score NOT the P85 !!!!

xradr | 14 May 2013

@ edleemd1,

One other thing to consider ...

The performance comes with quite a few little extras. We were going to buy that stuff anyway (leather, active air susp., 21 in wheels and rims), so on a net basis, I think the "real" incremental cost was about 10K for a better inverter.

I was way more up in the air about it ... but the wife was like ... "'eff it, you've been driving a honda civic for 9 years, just go for it". Man, I totally love the "HOLY SH%T" factor ... hard to put a price on it.

But seriously, if you are going to buy any of the other things included in the performance package the price difference might not truly be as high as you initial thought.

pencil2man | 14 May 2013

The regular S performs much closer to the performance S in mid range acceleration. 1.7 vs 1.9. Not perceptable. | 14 May 2013

I describe the choices two ways:
1) 60 - fast
85 - really fast
p85 - crazy, out of your mind fast
p85+ - holy crap, what the hell was that fast

2) 60 - choose if you want to be faster than 90% of the rest of the cars on the road
85 - choose if you want to be faster than 95%
p85 - faster than 99%
p85+ - faster than 99.5%

jinglehyme | 14 May 2013

Skip the "P".

hennla | 2 May 2014

I have test driven both 85 and P85.
The difference is in my experience very little, especially regarding regular day to day driving.
If it had been prior to the price increasement I would have probably ordered the P85, since the price difference to the 85 was fairly small, especially if you had planned on air susp. anyway.
At this time I can't justify almost $ 15 K. for a slightly quicker acceleration, you should have at least gotten the 21" rims included in that package!

SD Supercharger | 2 May 2014

Back in ancient times (pre-Vin 5k) the price differential was negligible and made the choice easy. Now you really have to think about it. I am glad they made it easy on me and 1.5 years later I still hear "Holy Sht" a lot, easily get the Tesla grin from everyone, and enjoy all of the included upgrades from my P85 purchase. Check it out--price for a P85 was 84.9k and this included a lot of upgrades you need to pay extra for now. For those early adopters that are complaining about the lack of sensors and folding mirrors---take a look at how much a P85 will cost today. (P.S.--I still wish I had coat hangers)

Thomas N. | 2 May 2014


"I have test driven both 85 and P85.
The difference is in my experience very little, especially regarding regular day to day driving."

Definitely not my personal experience after almost a year with the P85. There's a huge difference and almost all of it is experienced in my day to day driving.

SD Supercharger | 2 May 2014

@Thomas +!
I agree

hennla | 2 May 2014

If you was ordering the car now, had you guys paid $ 15 K. extra for the P85, without the air, performance leather seats and the other stuff you got before 2014?

Lanber | 7 May 2014

I have one of each.
And I can tell you the kick you get in the P85 from standstill is so addictive you`ll end up burning a lot of rear tires!

On the S85 it`s like 0-30 mph (50kmh) acceleration is restricted and it wakes up above this speed. The P is just insane from standstill.

If you want a rollercoaster go P, if you dont crave that. Then stick to the S, it`s plenty fast.

NO2PTRL | 7 May 2014

The performance is why I bought this car.

I enjoy it on every freeway entrance ramp, while passing, and on so many curvy roads.

For $13,000 more, why not go Ferrari fast? A Ferrari California cost $200,000......., for just $13,000 my Tesla can go as fast as a 2009 Ferrari California.

Seems silly to choke when you are that close!

LEvans | 7 May 2014

I agree with @NO2PTRL. The P85 is the embodiment of the no compromise promise of an EV and that's the only vehicle I'd consider when I get a Model S (with AWD!).

Also the value of a P85 is going to hold better and you can get more for it when you sell it so that extra $13 is not all wasted. Even now you can get a used S85 for about $75K and a used P85 for around $85K. So yes, a P85 is $13-15K more but you get some of that back if and when you sell... I think it is a pretty good value you get in performance for the extra $. If you keep the car for 3 years and sell it, you will likely get half of what you paid extra and that's not bad what you get for essentially $7,500.

No one should stretch to get a P85 but if you can manage it, go for it. The acceleration of the P85 is what sold me on Tesla and ensured that I will never buy another gasoline powered car by Mercedes.

calbeach95 | 7 May 2014

As a P85 owner, I thought I'd weigh in here. I love my P85 and it's power & speed. It is my daily driver. However, given the fairly regular improvements and upgrades Tesla implements as they find better & more improved approaches, I sometimes feel like an iPhone owner - should I have waited to get the next BEST one? I will likely always want the newer technology. Being a person who typically keeps a car for more than 5 years, my choice will always be bested when the newer design or technology comes along. So I bought what I thought was the choice I could live with for a long time - a performance model rather than standard - but seeing the fast evolution, should probably have saved the money for the next one. But I do not regret it for one minute - LOVE my Tesla! And being able to JUMP on that on ramp!

NO2PTRL | 7 May 2014


I felt better about your concern when sales explained that there not model years for this car, and that many improvements/upgrades can be incorporated into our cars after purchase.

I also felt that since Tesla would have it's hands full with the development of the X and then the E, that they wouldn't have time to mess with the body style of our MS, or any other major changes for that matter, except for 4wd.

Tesla isn't like Lexus or Mercedes who makes small changes each year to promote sales. Tesla only makes changes that will improve the car, not nonsense changes like the big three.

A battery upgrade in the future would be the only welcome addition to what I feel is perfection at this point!

brandtlings | 7 May 2014

Go +... Solid connected ride with instant response. Hard to find at any price. We have both a P and a P+, both are awesome but the plus just feels better. Ride quality is very similar (vertical compliance and "bumpiness"). Turn in and recovery take a step up in the P+. Got to drive a 60 loaner this Monday. Not a slouch either. It comes down to money unfortunately...
"+"1 NO2PTRL Why not indeed!

malterio | 11 February 2015

I am currently deciding between a P85D and an 85kw - cost difference seems to be around 15k for the upgraded horse power. I don't need the performance and will rarely use it, I don't even need the 4wd but.....

The P85D should offer:

1) Increased resale value (even though I hold onto my cars for 10 years)

2) just being able to say to people "this is the quickest 4 door sedan ever made" makes me laugh 0h and laughing is important to overall health.

My practical side says "stay with the standard 85 - but then my practical side also told me a car for 95K is not practical TO BEGIN WITH...... so spend the 15k extra and enjoy the awe of a P85D.

Comments very welcome before I finalize my decision.

Scouse @ UK | 12 February 2015

For my two penny's worth id love the P85D but can not justify the extra £20K to shave 2seconds of the acceleration, and be able to illegally drive an extra 15mph faster.

The P85D is the show-off car as you say can be quoted as fastest sedan on market...but over time that will change, and I believe the re-sale of the 85D should be good enough, but like a lot on here i'm in for the long haul, the affordability of this car for me is the amount of miles I do (£500 of fuel a month), so in 7-8 years the car has in effect cost me nothing and in mean time I will be having the time of my life.

for me I would rather spend the extra money on the optional extras current target spec:-

Grey Matalic
Pano Roof
19" Cyclone wheels
Grey Leather Seats
Black Alcantara Head Liner
Tech Package
Subzero Package
Ultra Fidelity
Security Package

all in all still 2K cheaper than the base model S85D

Brian H | 12 February 2015

What's a matalic?

Scouse @ UK | 12 February 2015

@ Brian H.......Matalic is Scouse for Metallic don't you know lol

wildcatzoo | 12 February 2015

malterio, Supporting a company that makes an awesome car is also what you are deciding on.

Can you give them more money? I know I sound like an employee, but I assure you I am not. I am an owner of the most expensive car I have ever owned, a Model S 85kw. Didn't even consider the performance version, just wanted an EV that could go places my Leaf could not. Was shocked when we actually placed a deposit. Seriously shocked that we had committed that much cash for a car. Physical reaction shock. I had a speech impediment for a half and hour, the only word I could mutter was WOW.

We chose to buy a Tesla in 2013 and now you are happy we did, or you will be in the near future when you own one.

Pay it forward and vote with your dollars. Does not matter if you will ever need the gadgets. In 10 years when you go to buy a new car, Tesla may provide it, as long as they survive. It feels great to me now to know you may benefit from my shock and awe.

I am assuming of course the higher end models have a larger profit margin. If not buy two low end ones.

Grinnin'.VA | 12 February 2015

@ malterio | February 11, 2015

The P85D should offer:

1) Increased resale value

I'd expect the P85D to lose value faster than an S85D.

bevguy | 12 February 2015

Motor Trend did a side by side test. look it up. While the P*% was noticeably faster from a dead stop I think impromptu drag racing is for dummies. At highway passing speeds there was only minima difference.
If you dan't care about the money go for the P85,

But if I didn't care about the money I would go for a loaded P85D. Which costs over $40,000 more than my plain S85.

CaboJim | 12 February 2015

I test drove both models. The S85 has plenty acceleration.
The P85D was a monster. I used to drive Corvettes & other muscle cars, but nothing like the acceleration the P85 D has. It was definitely an E ride, but a little scary when trying to merge in traffic.
I settled on the S85 & got more goodies...

hpjtv | 12 February 2015

@jim the problem is you test drove both and got overwhelmed by the faster vehicle. I thought the MS 85 was too fast when I test drove it but after owning for 2 months, I'm so used to it, I wish I went with something slightly faster.