Model S at Portland!

Model S at Portland!

Went to the Portland Model S event today. The Tesla reps were all extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Congrats to the reservation holder I spoke with at the event, I'm sure you will love your Model S! Thanks Tesla for visiting Portland and bringing the S and the Roadster!


Thumper | 24 April 2011

I attended the Portland showing today. As lovely as the S is in photos, it is much better looking in person. Of course the display model was painted in deep candy apple red clear-coat. I am seriously considering reserving one.
I was disappointed though not to be able to sit in the car, and further disappointed that the reps could not confirm that the seats would be the same or that the rear seats would fold down. These are important issues for me.
If the power steering is all electric, (not a fact just speculation) maybe they could allow owner selection of power boost.

Timo | 25 April 2011

Those showroom models are not actual Model S prototypes, more like concept cars. If you want to see actual Model S alpha here are some pictures:

hwye81k | 25 April 2011

TESLA: When and where is Portland going to have a Tesla store?

jfeister | 27 April 2011

If you look under the Model S > Innovations section it mentions "with Model S: the programmable electric power steering, mounted in a rigid structure optimizes feedback from the road to the driver."

Perhaps you can select steering feedback options from the center console.

Thumper | 29 April 2011

I asked a rep at the Portland showing about a Portland dealer. He said they would probably add one either in Portland or Vancouver BC. No timeline was offered.

David70 | 29 April 2011

Are you sure he said Vancouver BC? Vancouver, WA would make more sense, unless they want a nearby dealer in Canada.

Thumper | 29 April 2011

He said BC. I didn't grill him but remember thinking Vancouver WA would be better for me.

Vawlkus | 2 May 2011

Huh..... I wonder if Tesla is putting a dealer on each Canadian coast with the Toronto one in the middle. Makes sense to me, but is it viable for Tesla I wonder

Douglas3 | 2 May 2011

I think it's more a matter of where the customers are. Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal are the largest cities with the most sales.