Model S in the UK

Model S in the UK

Is there any up to date UK centric information anywhere? Reservation process, lead times, UK,specs etc?

I am planning to couple the purchase of an EV with a solar installation.


nickjhowe | 15 November 2012

Not aware of any. Sorry.

vouteb | 15 November 2012

Solar system in the UK?

That will take a 15 year payback at least....

Brian H | 15 November 2012

Have any sightings of the naked sun been rumored there?

William13 | 15 November 2012

Tesla doesn't know, so anything else is guess work. Europe Left hand drive will cortainly come first before England in spite of the Roadsters coming from England.

Brian H | 15 November 2012

Yes, less "modification" from the correct-hand drive. More involved to mirror everything for the wrong-hand drive.

Robcrossland | 18 November 2012

Thanks (I think :) )

And lol, solar is big business here in the UK, especially with Gov providing some support but the solar is not just for the car... which may never arrive anyway! :)