Model S vs Iron Man

Model S vs Iron Man

So, I went to see the Iron Man 3 movie last night with my son. Had been thinking about it all week and was looking forward to it as I am a fan. Halfway thru the movie, all I could think was "I can't wait for this to be over so I can drive my Model S!". Is this normal?

(4 days into ownership....)

Carefree | 7 May 2013

Totally normal. If you gave me the choice between watching Iron Man and driving the Model S I would always pick the Tesla. In fact I would pick just about any car over Iron Man. Sorry, I am not a fan at all:-)

cgiGuy | 7 May 2013

Nice to see an e-Tron "plug" in the movie, though. Not as nice as a Tesla plug would have been, but Tony Stark will come to his senses in the next one...

Mark22 | 7 May 2013

The eTron is his hauler. He wouldn't use the Model S to tow around an old robot:)