Model x 5 seats and 2 rows

Model x 5 seats and 2 rows

I'm interested in the model x because it is a suv.
But I don't need 7 seats. I prefer 5 seats and much more space.
Is a 5 seats version planed?

Ankit Mishra | 20 November 2015

Maybe. Please wait till information about non-signature cars is released. As of now, Tesla is dealing with Sig reservations.

primetime98 | 20 November 2015

A five seat version doesn't seem to be planned but you can get the seven seater and just keep the back seats folded down the whole time for cargo or whatever other use you may need.

Red Sage ca us | 20 November 2015

I believe that only Founders and Signature vehicles include the third row as mandatory. General Production versions of Model X will be available with either four or five seats as well.

jordanrichard | 20 November 2015

Fold the third row seats down flat and presto! It is a 5 seater. I routinely turn my MS into a 2 seater sports car by folding the rear seats down.

Ross1 | 20 November 2015

@ JR: and being a sports car, it goes faster, right?

I turn my Ford wagon into a dump truck by folding the 2nd row down.