Model X page has been updated a little.

Model X page has been updated a little.

Doesnt say battery options anymore.

vandacca | 19 May 2015

They also brought back the falcon wing door interactive image. I guess they want to drive home that these doors are here to stay. :)

ian | 19 May 2015

Good catch. I haven't been checking for changes very regularly. Interesting indeed. | 19 May 2015

You are quite correct. This means one of two things to me:

A. If taken literally, Tesla has decided to do away with the 70 kWh pack for the MX and begin with only 2 models: X85 and XP85 maybe because the range with 70 kWh is too wimpy, especially with trailers.


B. As I have earlier predicted, Tesla's MX secrecy campaign will include periodic editing of the web page until in July it is reduced to no photo and two words and a letter: Model X and order.

Take your pick. | 19 May 2015

Oh, and the FW door image is the same pretend car not the real thing.

grant10k | 19 May 2015

The main that takes up half the page is a 'pretend' image. What were you expecting? The unveiling?

grant10k | 19 May 2015

The main image* that takes up...

Man, I wish this site had an edit function.

jordanrichard | 19 May 2015

I georgehawley, with regard to the battery options. Early on Tesla/Elon said the X would have a bit less range due to the aerodynamics. Now, this was all said long before the D was developed/released. Still, obviously Tesla dropped the 60 because apparently they weren't selling that many. This one can assume is due to the lower range. So they came up with the 70D (240 mile range) If they put a 70 pack in the X, add the additional drag, that would knock the range down below 240 and perhaps closer to what the 60 was getting. So if that lower range is the reason people were not getting the 60, then they certainly don't want an X that has similar range. | 19 May 2015

@jordan: I take it that you vote for A.

A is ahead 1-0.

vandacca | 20 May 2015

I vote (B), but only because I'm still hoping for something bigger than a 85kWh pack. Even if its only 95kWh, I'd be good with that. :)

ernie | 20 May 2015

A and B (in my world) are not mutually exclusive. Therefore one vote for each.

Franmferreira | 20 May 2015

quote: "They also brought back the falcon wing door interactive image. I guess they want to drive home that these doors are here to stay. :)"

What's funny in that picture is that they are using the very first Model X with the illegal "camera side mirrors"...

At least they could use a picture from the last public car shows... | 20 May 2015

@ernie: I think I slept through that Logic course lecture. You are absolutely right.

There are currently 96 words in the Model X page text not counting headlines and caption.
I will check this once a week until the end of July.

I just noticed that they are claiming that the delivery estimate for new reservations is "early" 2016. Who are they trying to kid? There are over 20,000 reservations in hand. I'm thinking that estimates of 5000 deliveries in 2015 by such noted savants as @v(big feet)perl are more realistic than higher numbers after visiting Fremont. BTW, the people in reception and the tour guides at the Tesla works are really good. So what does early mean? Before July 1?

vperl | 20 May 2015


EternalChampion | 20 May 2015


But what if Elon, in a true Elonesque thing to do, has countless Model X's nearly ready to go at his secret factory in Area 51?

jjs | 20 May 2015

I have it from an unnamed source that Elon does in deed have are 51 chock full of Xes. Unfortunately they are earmarked for Mars. Lucky Martians.

Red Sage ca us | 20 May 2015

♪Wouldn't you like to be a Martian too?♪

ernie | 20 May 2015

Red letter day here north of sunny Seattle while waiting for the Unicorn MX. Electrical inspector just today put "GOOD TO GO" stickers on the 37 panel two inverter solar system. 11 kWh of inverters (12.4 kWh) panels, but real world will probably be 95-98% of 11 kWh at the most. Next couple of days and the local PUD will be putting the Net Metering meter on and if we are not drying clothes or running the 5 ton heat pump the meter should be spinning backwards. COME ON MX! The 14-50 has been in place for 7.5 years...Yup, no need for more than 40 amps. I did use Sunpower panels and German made for Sunpower inverters.

Will "consider" Powerwall, but so far am not convinced that it will be cost effective.

I will have to look how to post pictures...somewhat challenged in that arena. | 20 May 2015

@ernie: posting photos is so easy that even I can do it, thanks to a simple recipe using Flickr as a host offered by Brian H. one version:

Brian H | FEBRUARY 10, 2013
Use the HTML tag "img". E.g.:

The web URL must be to an image on a hosted site, like imageshack or Flickr, or similar. Height and width are optional.

The trick is to upload the photo to (free website for photos), then select it so that it is the only photo showing. Find a small rectangle with a curved arrow in it and click on that. Up will pop the needed web URL to copy and paste into your post. You can play around with the size. A width of 500 pixels works nicely.

There are other ways as well.

Iowa92x | 20 May 2015

Base 85, optional 100. Just makes sense in order to hit similar range goals as Model S.

ernie | 20 May 2015

Thanks @george etc. The solar company is bringing a drone out soon to take some shots for me and I assume for their portfolio. Maybe if I go to bed early, get up early...there might be a page saying: OK Res #8546, it is time to pick options. One can only know like Walter Mitty.

Brian H | 21 May 2015

Flickr is scrooing around with its layout, and is now hard to use. imageshack or tinypic may be better. The HTML george tried to post is <img src="URL" width="600"> | 22 May 2015

I tried to find a definition of "scrooing" and failed. It must be a technical term used by software developers.

EternalChampion | 22 May 2015


jjs | 23 May 2015

Seriously? "scrooing" is what Scrooge McDuck does to Daisy. Don't you guys know anything? Geez. And trust me it definitely make Scrooge McDuck Flickr.

jcesare | 23 May 2015

so what do you think is a realistic delivery time if i put down a deposit in march 2014?

Red Sage ca us | 23 May 2015

SOONer than March 2016... | 25 May 2015

No further change as of today | 1 June 2015

No further change as of today.
30 days until July.

vperl | 1 June 2015

Your a genius, guess your our servant to the news. Take out that sack of old news.

raffael s. | 1 June 2015

Bad weather in Moscow, vperl?

Brian H | 2 June 2015

More to the point, 61 days till it's August.

vperl | 2 June 2015

No quoting battery size ?

A omission ?

A mistake!

A subtle hint.



Well a radio personality does call a city, in different county three miles away, as I remember a descriptive name.

Moscow on the river


Moscow on the Willamette

Not really sure, but Brian probably knows. | 2 June 2015

@Brian: In July Tesla starts taking Model X orders. First deliveries in September. What happens in August?

grant10k | 2 June 2015

August means July is over and Tesla is definitely taking Model X orders. It's just harder to have a countdown to "Sometime in July".

45±16 days! | 2 June 2015

Oh ye of little faith...
"Soon" we will be able to place orders.

Tedsla | 2 June 2015

I desperately want to see and ride in a MX then, I will decide whether to order it or the MS.

Brian H | 2 June 2015

Right. "In July" does not mean July 1. It could mean July 31.

vperl | 2 June 2015

Was wrong, Brian is in the deep dark.

timf2001 | 3 June 2015

I'm expecting something around July 8-10, since Tesla has a history of making major product changes and Design Studio updates during the second week of the quarter.

grant10k | 3 June 2015

I'm expecting something around June 9th, 5pm est, since they said so.

Maybe not cars being delivered, but information being delivered.

raffael s. | 4 June 2015

When did they say June 9th 5pm est?

vandacca | 4 June 2015

June 5th 5pm EST is the Annual Shareholder Meeting

vandacca | 4 June 2015


June 9th, 5pm EST is the Annual Shareholder Meeting

grant10k | 4 June 2015

On the TV thing where Elon was talking about the Times article one of the newscasters asked him something about the Model X and he said he'd talk more about it at the shareholders meeting in a week, which would put it about here.

It may be almost nothing, but it'll be at least something.

grant10k | 4 June 2015

Looks like I've been beat. Twice.

gfb107 | 4 June 2015

Here, the 2015 Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting
is scheduled on Jun 9, 2015 at 2:00 PM PT

timf2001 | 4 June 2015

My guess for the shareholder meeting:

Elon announces the date of a Model X launch event where Signature reservation holders will be able to see the production version and then configure their orders. It will be about 30 days out to give time to make travel arrangements, but may coincide closely with TMC Connect.

Red Sage ca us | 4 June 2015

That sounds like a good guess to me. | 4 June 2015

Are we getting excited?

jjs | 4 June 2015

Judging by the posts I would have to say numb is more like it.