Model X Reservation Tally

Model X Reservation Tally

This thread is intended to track Model X reservations.

If your reservation number is greater than the reservation number listed below, please post the 1) reservation number / date received 2) region and 3) type: Signature or General Production.

The Model S Reservation Tally can be found here:

Here is an updated collection of the numbers posted by members on various threads and forums (i.e., these numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt):

S 140 (June 20, 2012)
P 1,206 (July 10, 2012)

S 3 (February 23, 2012)
P 50 (May 9, 2012)

S 12 (March 19, 2012)
P 87 (July 16, 2012)

Gross Total: 1,498 - July 16, 2012

S = Signature Series (Model X)
P = General Production (Model X)

Khagge1 | 24 February 2015

Resting comfortably in the mid 13,000s. Just dying to see the thing in really life.

vperl | 24 February 2015

Khagge1: MX have several thing in common with Unicorns, except the Sasquatch ate all the Unicorns right after the Unicorns hide the parts, plans to the MX.

Sasquatch are very secretive and hostile. | 24 February 2015

US reservation rate over the last few months is about 500 per month. Since I made my reservation last May, about 6000 US reservations have been made in about 9 months or about 670/month. Reservation rate therefore seems to be slowing a bit. Tesla is currently able to build up to about 1000 Model S vehicles a week, maybe more. By the end of 2015 they are projecting 100,000 per year build rate or about 2000 vehicles per week. If they start delivering Model X as early as July, they could ramp up to a production rate of 1000 Model X vehicles per week by maybe mid-September by which time they will have built up to 4000 MX. If 1/3 are for outside North America and 2/3 inside, they could be delivering 700 per week in NA by mid-September by which time they would have delivered about 3500 in the prior 10 weeks. At 700 per week in NA for the rest of the year the number of MX delivered in the US could reach about 13,000 in NA by year end, roughly 80 % of the current number of reservations. If they receive an average of 400 reservations/orders per month for the last 10 months of the year the backlog will be about 8000 for NA by year end or about 3+ months full out production, again assuming 2/3 of capacity to the U.S. market. If all of these back of the envelope assumptions are in the ballpark, Tesla will have to really start promoting the MX to get the order/reservation rate up to 4000/month worldwide which is considerably higher than the current resevation rate in order to justify the projected factory capacity. If the MX is as big a hit as the MS, no worries. | 24 February 2015

Make that about 2500 for the period of July 1-Sept. 15 for NA. Still about the same conclusion.

grant10k | 24 February 2015

I suspect that once the car exists, people will be much more likely to reserve one.

The reservation number is probably lower than we can guess because if someone 'returns' a reservation, everyone's number does not go down.

1wan | 3 March 2015

Finally made my decision!

Netherlands, #3404 on March 2nd. 2015 :)

Manueljamesfreitas | 3 March 2015

#16,127! Can't wait to see it!

Roamer@AZ USA | 10 March 2015


pebucher | 15 March 2015

# 2,956
October 22nd switzerland

Going along with the following instructions:
The transaction number will give you an indication of your waiting area in the reservation list. It specifies the order in which we will invite you to give us your final wishes and configuration options

Who can estimate some timeframe on this number?

jjs | 15 March 2015

Given Elon's prior statement about the time of your reservation that an entire year of production has been reserved I would say you are looking at config. May, 2016, delivery August, 2016.

pebucher | 16 March 2015

@jjs - thx - well that's encouraging! :) :(

srm47 | 19 March 2015


On March 18, 2015 #16,301

bertin | 28 March 2015

TMX Norway #3492

Paul Carter | 1 April 2015

bump, last report was March 18 at 16,301, anyone got one recently and want to share for the tally?


srujana.shubh | 2 April 2015

Apr 2, 2015
San Diego, CA

randy_bloom | 5 April 2015

US/SoCal #16,612, April 3 2015 (still can't believe I'm doing this)

Figure this gives me time to pay off the wife's LEAF now that I've done the same to my (2013) RAV4 EV, then pretend the combined payment is equivalent for a year until I know otherwise.

Given my place in line, it sure looks like Toyota underestimated demand in limiting this generation to 2600 units and moving on to fuel cells. Wonder how that's going to work out for them ...

Roamer@AZ USA | 13 April 2015


vperl | 13 April 2015

Got to be more than 16k

Paul Carter | 13 April 2015

@vperl, looks like its correct to me.

Current Breakdown as of April 3
US: 1,356 Canada: 49 Europe: 588 for a total of 1,993

US: 16,612 Canada: 967 Europe: 3,492 Asia Pacific: 2,345 Hong Kong: 347 Australia: 57 for a total of 23,820

Total Tally: 25,813

vperl | 13 April 2015

Well, good Luci for Teslas to deliver those 26K MX by first of 2017.

Looks like if there are absolutely no changes no more than 7.5K to 9K of the MX will be delivered this year 2015.

Paul Carter | 13 April 2015

I think the going guess is only 5k (if we're lucky).

vandacca | 13 April 2015

Now I know why Tesla called it the Model-X. Because the release date is variable.

jjs | 14 April 2015

+X Good one vandacca

Roamer@AZ USA | 14 April 2015

+1 vandacca.

USCRXDR | 14 April 2015

us, so cal model x sig 8/3/14 #1225

Red Sage ca us | 15 April 2015

vandacca: +42 UP!. You have answered the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything about Solve for 'X'!

I believe that Tesla Motors will ramp up production for Model X much faster than they did Model S. I think it took from June 2012 until March 2013 to get the Model S to 400 units per week. From there it took until nearly January 2014 to reach 700 units per week. With the Model X reaching its first Customers in perhaps July/August 2015, I believe Tesla will reach 800 units per week by December 2015, and 1,000 per week by January 2016.

teslaliving | 15 April 2015

Hello world.

Model S owner, just reserved a Model X, sequence #16,840.

US East Coast.

No rush on the Model X for the wife, the ML350 just won't cut it for long and i'm not buying another gas car.

I'm enjoying my Model S just fine so no jitters this time around.

rbi | 17 April 2015

Model X Signature, Europe (Switzerland), Res#151, Oct 2013

wtrask4 | 18 April 2015


Model X Reservation

Boulder, CO

ken | 18 April 2015

Interesting to note that the numbers went from 16,840 to 16,890 in 3 days.

Paul Carter | 19 April 2015

@ken, very interesting. But nothing extra-extraordinary (its already extraordinary to me!)

There seems to be a jump since March 1. This might be just coming after a winter slowdown / The D factor has now settled off.

Its averaging 18/day in the US since March 1, and 22/day since April 1. Prior to that it was up to 30/day just before the D launch. It peaked at an average of almost 27/day in the US. It slowed down to almost 12/day for the US since the D launch.

Globally we are at 22.8/day right now (~ 693/month).

Right now it seems to have recovered to a normal average steady pace since the reveal.

ken | 19 April 2015

@Paul Carter, Good statistical information. Do you have any idea of the cancellation rate? Even if it is 10% that means that there will be another approximately 2,000 in the queue by the August proposed production start. Plus, the rest of the world's orders. Great starting position for the MX. | 19 April 2015

I'm 661 in queue, but can't wait any longer. Will have to get my deposit back…

RonaldA | 20 April 2015

Just pulled the trigger on the ModelX reservation number 16,927. I'll add it to my roadster sport 2.5 and my Model S P85 (classic silver). Hopefully the timing will be as advertised when I ordered the Model S they told me 5 months but I had it in 4 weeks. I loved getting the car, but the finances were not anticipating the timing.

ken | 20 April 2015, at 661 are you a signature reservation, or a production number? I am not sure how that works, I have been on the signature waiting list for almost a year. Originally thought that maybe I would get moved up to a signature level, but not very hopeful that that will happen this late in the game. Wish there was a way to take your place but I am sure that many others would also like to have that low of a number. Good luck, sorry to see you go.

Paul Carter | 20 April 2015

@ken 17.52% up to Dec 31, 2014, 20/month thereafter. Doubtful that the signatures have that rate, but the signature tally is over by 17.1% (and there's a wait list).

@RonaldA, congrats! | 20 April 2015

@ken. I guess my number was 660 signature, not 661 and the Tesla guy said that I just made one person very happy. I wish I could have given my spot to someone. I guess there is a wait list for signature reservations.

janbylund | 21 April 2015

My reservationnumber is #1640 :-D

ken | 21 April 2015, yes I have been on the signature wait list for over a year, so, hope that someone that you made happy is me, I'll be waiting for their call today. Holding my breath!

Brian H | 22 April 2015

It's been a day. Are you purple yet?

Gravlock | 25 April 2015

On Earth Day! #16977

bryan | 27 April 2015

Reserved 2 Model X's today. 17,052 & 17,053.

JBRatner | 27 April 2015

Reserved Model X today: # 17,073

Seb-il | 29 April 2015

I put a deposit in Dec 2012 for an S and an X and for the X got 2222. After 6 or 7 months decided to cancel both. Reordered X again last year and have something like 14,500. Just bought a M400. Waiting for the new GLE500e. Waiting to see specs on X. Have no idea the size

h_corey | 2 May 2015

Reserved mine today: #17207

pasvienne | 6 May 2015

Reserved mine: #17285

AZNick | 9 May 2015

GLE500e? I think you and Mercedes must both be joking. A 19 mile range in all electric mode?! This is a gimmick not a commitment. I have a sub 10,000 reservation for Model X and I'm excited to be getting this second Tesla soon.

Lubdub | 9 May 2015


I love the term sub 10.000
I am also there

is this a status symbol? lol

Brian H | 10 May 2015

It might approximate 2015 deliveries.

AZNick | 10 May 2015

Lubdub, I hope sub 10,000 means it will be a Christmas 2015 gift for someone.