Model X RN1477144 #14862

Model X RN1477144 #14862

Queued up!

ian | 2 December 2014


Cueonly | 2 December 2014

Welcome to the Wait!!!

davord | 3 December 2014

Just ordered Model X in Ontario and #911 (Porsche?). Feel priviliged when I see your number!

jjs | 3 December 2014

Congrats Iowa. I hope there are no more delays! Perhaps you will bring us good luck in that regard.

Iowa92x | 3 December 2014

Hoping we get a couple SuperChargers in Iowa next year so ready for X interstate travel by 2016 delivery. | 3 December 2014

@Iowa92x: Tesla now invokes age limits for reserving the MX based on actuarial data. Apparently, you are young enough to qualify. My chances, on the other hand, are waning.

Iowa92x | 3 December 2014

38. | 3 December 2014

You barely qualify. My backup plan is to Include the reservation in the family trust. Let the heirs fight over it along with the rototiller.

jjs | 3 December 2014

+1 george "...based upon actuarial data." That's funny.

ian | 3 December 2014

Hmmm, well, if Iowa barely qualifies and george is nearly too old I should be OK as I "think" I'm older than the former and younger than the latter.

LOL about letting the heirs fight over it along with the rototiller! Although, I first read that as "Let the heirs fight over it with the rotweiler." Ugh. I must be getting old too. Haha!


Brian H | 3 December 2014

Rototiller battles are real wet-work. | 4 December 2014

@Iowa92x: See what happens when you start an innocent, enthusiastic thread from Iowa where Tesla can sell cars legally only if they label them "RVs"? You get rototillers. I actually had a Troy-Bilt "Horse" for many years. It was sensational, if bulky to handle. But you probably don't care. You just want your Model X. You will get it "soon" after killing many months with posts like this. | 4 December 2014

BTW Website shows Superchargers in Des Moines and Davenport sometime in 2015. You won't get you MX until sometime in 2016. Your wish is Tesla's command. If you decide to go west, there's one in Omaha. I think they count that as being in Iowa.

jjs | 4 December 2014

NO. OMAHA IS NOT IOWA. Shame on you george!

jjs | 4 December 2014

But Carter Lake is in Omaha, and it is a city in Iowa. Go figure. | 4 December 2014

Don't forget. The people planning SCs are in northern CA. Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, they all kind of blur into an amorphous blob somewhere east of Lake Tahoe. :-))

Iowa92x | 4 December 2014

Yup, flyover country. By the way, pigs outnumber humans in this state by 5 to 1.

jjs | 4 December 2014

Iowa92x There are just so many ways I could take your last comment. But I think I'll just sleeping dogs (which probably also outnumber people in our part of the country) lie. | 5 December 2014

@Iowa92x is to Model X as pigs are to ham and egg breakfast: chickens are involved but pigs are committed...

jjs | 5 December 2014

Iowa92x, did george just call you a pig? ;)

sbeggs | 5 December 2014

@iowa92x, just remember, pigs don't fly.

Guy2095 | 5 December 2014

@sbeggs, sounds like an Elon challenge to me.

Brian H | 5 December 2014

Or a ham?