My reasons for getting the X.

My reasons for getting the X.

Only two.

1. It's a great car.

Matter of fact it's the greatest car on the planet. Nothing else even comes close except the S. The fact that it can't carry the entire little league team or tow an ocean liner does not change that a bit.

2. I could afford it.

Thankfully I'm one the few who could afford the car although I don't necessarily deserve it more than anyone else. I'm just a blessed person.

OK these two reasons are more than good enough for me. I'm very easy to be pleased.

David N | 13 October 2015

Well said

Ankit Mishra | 13 October 2015

Such a happy thread.

dsulman | 13 October 2015

Thanks carlk

There are some that will just not like a Tesla, for whatever the reason. They will post their ideas here... Some have their points, but we all know that we trust EM and TM to look out for us all and they will offer options at a later time...

Sometimes "Silence is Golden" in responding to some of these rants....

AlMc | 13 October 2015

@carlK: Glad it fits your needs and I am happy for you and your family, and others, that share your views.

It is an excellent vehicle.

I am generally one not to use hyperbole, so from someone whose needs are not met by the currently available X, I did not need to carry a little league team or tow an ocean liner.

I love the X. Only asking for fold down second row seat as an option from the get go. Similar to the ones TM showed in the prototype and never budged from that position for us Sigs until the reveal.

They will eventually be available and then the X will be a big improvement over our ICE SUV.

carlk | 13 October 2015

@AlMc No it does not even fit (all of) our needs. That's the main point of the thread.

AlMc | 13 October 2015

@carlK: Then you are to be congratulated.

We were willing to accept some compromises as well. The non folding seats were the 'deal breaker'. Unfortunate, wish I could be the place your family is..again, congratulations.

Mark Z | 13 October 2015

Carlk: You made my day. I too am blessed to have Model S and soon, Model X. We have a lot to be thankful for, and to look forward to, as I feel we are pioneers of future millennium technology.

Pbfoot | 13 October 2015

My wife and I secured a reservation (in the high 6000's) about a year ago, since her Lexus hybrid is getting old. Despite the initial reveal, we were kind of hoping there would be a no-FWD option, in order to allow a roof rack. (Yes, I know FWD was clearly communicated early on, but so were the fold-down 2nd row seats - and we all know how that turned out).

After some consideration, I was starting to look at the XC90 plug-in as an alternative. Pretty nice car.

However, the final twist came yesterday when I told my wife that software V 7 is coming out, with the 'summon car' feature, and we started talking about the possibilities. Something that no other manufacturer currently offers. Lots of questions remain about this feature (will it work at places like a grocery store, ski resort parking lot, or church/synagogue)? If so, then one can call the car over when it's raining, or hot, or you're carrying a bunch of stuff you don't feel like hauling across a parking lot.

IF it works in those situations, then we both feel that this one feature alone would be the killer app that outweighs everything else. She doesn't care how much cheaper it would be to get another car, or potential problems with FWD, heat from super-pano-roof, lack of fold-down 2nd row.

The summon feature could be such a game-changer; really hope that Tesla's definition of 'private property' is broad. Can't wait to see if/how it works with our current P85D.

AlMc | 13 October 2015

@PBfoot: V7.0 will be a great leap forward in auto technology but it will not have the 'summon car' feature. It certainly may have it in the future but 7.0 will not have it.

I an not saying don't by the X if it does not have this feature. It is a great vehicle that has many high tech features it sounds like you and your wife will enjoy.

Ankit Mishra | 13 October 2015

Hoping that a flagship feature will be dropped from a company's product is cruel. It like hoping they would fail. And they just showed a slide of prehistoric 2nd row folding seats but went on and on about FWD.

aesculus | 13 October 2015

@PBFoot: The summon the car feature was intended to be used solely on private property where you can control access and manage the surroundings (people, pets, objects ...). Not places the public will be at.

It will probably come with a disclaimer of liability if you use it in any other place or maybe even lock the feature out via geolocation, but that is a WAG on my part.

AlMc | 13 October 2015

@Ankit Mishra: I am not hoping it will not be there. It will be a great feature. If it is released with the Sig X with 7.0 I will admit I was totally wrong and @PBfoot will have plenty of time to see that his car goes into production knowing this feature is present.

You have said you do not have a Tesla in previous posts. Please allow someone who does to say that feature is not present in the current 7.0 and maybe take someone at their word.


Pbfoot | 13 October 2015

AIMc, I think Ankrit was referring to me hoping that they would drop the FWD. As noted in my prior post, we weren't hoping it would be dropped, but just that they would offer a typical-door setup without FWD. Certainly there are people on these forums who despite their claims to the contrary, really seem to want Tesla to ultimately fail. I'm not one of them.

carlk | 13 October 2015

@AlMc I fully understand your situation that a "must have" for you is missing. It might sound strange to you but I actually don't have a single must have or a single must not have long as it's a great car overall. I was worried about the FWD that might have problem opening in my garage until the final design was revealed. Regardless I would still buy the car even if I have to unload my passengers on the driveway. Another issue is the size makes it unpracticle to use it to go to the city (SF) which we go often for shopping and dinner. The same situation when I bought the S. I just drive my less desirable car or car pooling with freinds. Nothing to me is a must have.

Not trying to persuade you to do things differently. Just like you to understand where I'm coming from.

@Pbfoot I'm not sure the summing feature is the game changer but I knew the moment when I first stepped on the pedal of the S what is the game changer.

AlMc | 13 October 2015

@PB and @Ankit: Sorry if I misunderstood.

johnse | 13 October 2015

Are you an Autopilot Beta-tester? My understanding was that V7 with autopilot (which has been indicated would include the auto-summon feature) would be delivered this Thursday.

(I am not a Tesla owner yet, so I do not speak from first-hand knowledge.)

Tâm | 13 October 2015


Please follow Musk's tweets:

He said version 7 includes auto-parking (that means parallel and you stay in the car while it's doing its business) but you have to wait until version 7.1 to do auto-garage:

Once your car knows how to auto-garage safely, then maybe you can plan when to add auto-summon to subsequent firmware updates.

Roamer@AZ USA | 13 October 2015

People seem to get so far ahead of technology these days. Say auto park and people think you can summon your car from LA to pick you up in NYC.

Initial auto park will likely be parallel parking while you sit in the car and monitor the activity. This will be a great thing for many people that can't handle the mechanics of a parallel park between two cars. Computers are perfect for this task.

I would be shocked if all these systems being developed don't have significant limitations for many years.


AlMc | 13 October 2015

@Roamer: Totally agree about what to expect and not expect from

JohnGlenney | 13 October 2015

After owning a model s for 3 years I am constantly amazed at what the engineers have made for us. Back in the 1980s and 1990s I would buy the new apple computer sight unseen just to be pleasantly surprised by the latest and greatest in computer technology. As Steve Jobs said "it is not the customers job to tell us what he wants". I am looking foward to the model x just to see what magic they have brought us.

Ankit Mishra | 13 October 2015

Oh, I was talking to @Pbfoot. He understood me correctly.

Ankit Mishra | 13 October 2015

I really enjoy reading your posts in P85D, drag race video, P90D etc threads. Your posts are so bright and happy. Thanks.

johnse | 13 October 2015

Actually I do follow Elon's tweets. I typically view them on a phone, not the web site (rarely do I use the web site) and thus don't necessarily see the replies.

I sit corrected (not standing right now) about the parking capabilities.

carlk | 14 October 2015

@JohnGlenney Good post. I like the Jobs quote too. It's kind of like the saying a camel is a horse designed by committee. I'll let god to design my horse.

AlMc | 14 October 2015

@johnse and pbfoot: Some answers about what 7.0 can do/can't do: Can't call it to you 'batman style' but nice AP highway driving and parallel parking

Pbfoot | 14 October 2015

@Ankrit: +1 - Thanks for the positive vibe. I'll have to tell my wife that someone told me I sounded bright and happy. She'll get a kick out of that! | 14 October 2015

@carlk: good for you.

Here's a story: in 2012 before I had heard of Tesla I was driving a Lexus 5 seat RX hybrid. Nice car but the hybrid was a joke : 25 mpg and when the grandkids arrived, I had to rent a junky minivan of uncertain safety to haul everyone around in one car. This was not satisfactory. I sent a letter to Lexus asking for a Lexus minivan with a hybrid power plant, the technology for which Toyota was well equipped to provide. I didn't get an answer. So I compromised and bought a Honda Oddysey minivan with seating for eight. It was a very well designed and executed minivan and did its job well. It was the safest minivan available but at 20 mpg I was going backwards.

I finally heard about Tesla last year when a friend showed up with a Model S40. As an electrical engineer, I understood immediately what he had. I then set up a test drive and confirmed my understanding. Li-ion batteries had made it possible to build a real BEV with superior performance, albeit temporarily more expensive than most people could reasonably afford. I checked the website and found the Model X, the solution I had been looking for-7 passengers, all electric, superior performance and impeccable safety all a part of the promise. I reserved one and got in line. Today, I am still in line. Despite the funny doors and lack of ultimate cargo capacity, the X meets my requirements: no gas, impeccable safety, superior performance, and 7 seats. I bought an S85 to fill the extra year I have to wait and have nothing but praise for Tesla's execution. I saved a few bucks buying a demo with 4K miles and I still get the federal tax credit. It has been great driving the car while I endure the wait for the X and I am sure that I will be delighted to fork over the $ for it when I trade in my S.

madodel | 14 October 2015 You could have bought a Toyota Highlander Highbrid and get about 23 MPG and seat 7. Great SUV but still uses fossil fool. My Model X will only have 6 seats, but that is about the most I've ever had sit in my Highlander and I never have to stop at a gas station.

bscater | 14 October 2015

My number is 15,125. No idea when I will take delivery. I have two concerns, large sun roof with no shade. And like so many others,lack of folding down rear seats

I own an Escalade which provides a large cargo so I am thinking about changing my order to the S. The S appears to have pretty much the same technology as the X.

I would helpful to be able to see and drive the X before I make any finial decision but my sales person has no idea when they will have a car to see and drive. He admits he does not have any more info than I do. He says it is frustrating no being able to answer many question he is being asked by many customers who have had deposits down for sometime.

carlk | 15 October 2015

@bscater The sales lady at the Santana Row store told me two weeks ago they expect to get a car in store about 1~2 months. You will have plenty of time see the car before having to make the decision. Although I thought she meant a display car not demo cars. No idea how long it will take to get a test drive.

I'm not going to worry about the roof. The top is tinted just like the pano roof on S which I don't have any issue with nor did I hear any complains about too much heat or light penetration. My S has tint film installed on windshield and all windows but not the pano since everyone says it's not needed. I could have that done on the entire windshield of X if I need to cut down the heat even more.

I think you are right that the S basically is a very similar car expect perhaps when you need to carry more than five people and better head room for 2nd row passengers in addition to more comfortable seats in the X. Either car is likely more car than most people would need.

Ross1 | 15 October 2015


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