Nav system: map said left, voice said right??

Nav system: map said left, voice said right??

Okay, maybe I was hallucinating in my first couple of days of driving my S, but I swear that on at least a few occasions, when using navigation, the voice told me to turn right when the map arrow clearly said left! Anyone else experienced this??

DouglasR | 13 January 2013

You probably got the UK version by accident.

Liz G | 13 January 2013

My husband has that same problem when I give directions. Finger points left, but I say right.

lph | 13 January 2013

Hey the model S does not want to go home yet and likes to have more fun with you ;-)

jat | 13 January 2013

I have seen similar things in Google Maps -- if there is a small kink right before turning left, it will tell you about the first one.

Brian H | 13 January 2013

"Your other right."

David Dennis | 13 January 2013

Bear in mind that the voice is oriented to the car's direction, but in the map, North is always up.

This could easily lead to situations where the car says Left and the map says Right. Of course this means that you want to believe the voice, not the map.

Hope that helps.

(Not a Tesla owner, but I've read this in other threads.)


DouglasR | 13 January 2013

@David Dennis, the turn-by-turn directions put little boxes on the map that direct you left or right. These are not North-up.

Timo | 13 January 2013

Reminds me of the rally game I played half a decade ago. It had computer voice playing a co-driver telling me which way to turn, speeds and all that stuff. Well, one of the maps had series of very rapid turns that you could in reality (game reality) drive straight cutting corners. This lead to phenomenon where that "co-driver" was still babbling about left, right, left, right when I was already well past that point of the game.

Back to topic, navigation is a computer making mistakes computers do (usually by design :-)) just like in that game. Different time thresholds for turn indicator and voice could lead to situation where they show different directions. Or it simply is a bug in programming.

Robert22 | 13 January 2013

Yesterday I said "Where is... " and it told me I couldn't get there from here.

Ba dump.

Brian H | 15 January 2013

It could've been worse. What if you couldn't get here from there?

Da bing!